Is horoscope compatibility reliable?

If you're struggling to pick your perfect partner, maybe your astrological chart can help.

Keely Murphy
1st December 2021
Image: MiraCosic via Pixabay
When it comes to first dates, the question: “what’s your star sign?” has become a small talk cliché that can be met with a lot of scepticism. However, underlying this can be a curiosity over how reliable that horoscope compatibility really is? Horoscopes are more than just the Mystic Meg section of the newspaper and can actually be a lot more revealing than we first believe.

First, it is important to understand that astrology stretches a lot further than what most people would know as their “star sign” and the blanket descriptor for it. In fact, each individual will have twelve signs within their astrological charts, and the placements of these signs are dictated by not only their date of birth, but also the time and place as well.

Most people tend to focus on what are known as the big three: the sun, the moon, and the rising signs. The sun sign is the most well-known and determines your identity, however it’s individualistic nature can often leave a lot of questions for a significant other. This is where the moon and rising signs come into play, as the moon dictates feelings and emotions, and the rising is reveals how you appear to others. Knowing these signs can give you more insight into the lives of people and how a relationship with them might play out.

Incompatible star signs can introduce you to new personalities and ways of thinking that you otherwise wouldn’t consider.

Ultimately, astrology is a tool that should be used to shape your own decisions and having incompatible horoscopes may not be the red flag it first appears to be. If you’re looking to be challenged in a relationship to help you grow, incompatible star signs can introduce you to new personalities and ways of thinking that you otherwise wouldn’t consider.

To return to the question “should we listen to horoscope compatibility?”, the answer is really up to you. The beauty of horoscopes is to guide you through different aspects of life, but it’s up to the individual as to how much of that guidance they want to take on board. So if you really want to date that Gemini on Tinder, go for it! It’s possible the rest of your astrological charts match perfectly, and if not, you’ll know for next time what traits of their sign you weren’t compatible with to help in the search for your star-crossed lover.

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