Is less really more?

Phoebe-Claire Bower and Hannah Sharratt go head to head in a battle of taste

30th November 2015


Nine times out of ten, quality trumps quantity and we must all learn that this rule applies to fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I would without question choose to own several old, crumpled £10 notes than one pristine one. However, when we’re talking about clothes, it’s all about quality.

I’ll take one classic key piece over a wardrobe of cheap accessories any day of the week, s’il vous plaît. As Coco Chanel once said, “fashion is made to become unfashionable. Strive for style, style is timeless”. We must take inspiration from Parisians when it comes to style; they are the goddesses of effortless chic. Think monochrome and a 10 piece wardrobe which can take you from casual daytime to night out ready.

Style appertains to timeless, classic pieces. Always limit your outfit to one statement piece which attracts all focus whilst keeping the rest of the outfit simple (this includes the boobs or leg rule - NEVER both). For example, take a plain t-shirt, pair of perfect fitting jeans, pair of heels, minimal jewellery and a slick of crimson lipstick and I guarantee, you’ll look a picture of elegance and sophistication. Far more attractive than the unfortunate girl trying to combine 10 trends into one outfit, creating a sea of chaos which incorporates leather, faux fur, multiple prints, and goodness knows what else.

''We must take inspiration from Parisians when it comes to style; they are the goddesses of effortless chic''

Of course the effortless look, ironically, can sometimes require a lot of time and effort, but the crucial thing is that it doesn’t show and you always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Finally, regardless of whether you’re a gal or a guy, never underestimate the power of a good coat. They keep you toasty on a cold winter’s evening, cover all sins, and bring together any outfit. Simplicity done right is far more powerful than accessories galore. I mean what’s sexier than a guy in a just a plain white t shirt and a good pair of jeans? (Just picture Ryan Gosling, and thank me later.)


Is less more in fashion? Absolutely not. One word, guys: layers. We’re in the middle of Winter in the midst of the freezing North - it’s time to start prioritising our warmth and comfort.

However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing looking good. Layering up means that you can wear that cheeky strap top beneath your favourite threadbare jumper in a sunset orange, with a thick duffel coat and woolly scarf topping it off. Layers allow you to wear what you like and Summer favourites can be worn without suffering the chill.

Adding more layers allows for a bit more freedom. You can change up your whole look by shedding your sweater when you arrive to a lecture. Layering enables you to get out of that Newcastle chill, and into the sauna that is the Robbo without feeling uncomfortable. No longer will you be stuck in that too fluffy Christmas jumper because you didn’t wear anything beneath it.

''Clashing can work well, with colour, patterns or textures''

As a side note, the layering technique can also work with regards to your leg-wear. If you can’t stand black tights (like me) you can layer a pair of nude tights with thick knee-high socks. Perfect solution! Layering is the way forward, and to look fab this Winter, it’s the technique you’ll want to use.

Finally, when thinking about accessories, I suggest you defy the general rule: if you are about the leave the house, put one more accessory ON rather than off. Life is too short to scrimp, and as long as you style it right you can never overdo the adornments to your outfit. Clashing can work well, with colour, patterns or textures.

In my opinion, less is definitely not more, so this season wear all of your favourite pieces at once and you will have all eyes on you for the right reasons.

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