Is life worth risking for a photo? Couple death in Yosemite

A couple fell from Yosemite National Park while taking a picture. Is it really worth?

Vaishali Ramesh
19th November 2018
Image: Cristofer Jeschke

An Indian expat couple, Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy, fell to their deaths from around 300 feet at Taft Point in Yosemite Park, USA. The couple was said to be taking a selfie when they fell off. Tourists who visited the spot the next day saw the tripod setup and alerted authorities.

Vishnu, aged 29, employee at Cisco’s California headquarters, and his wife were travel bloggers. Their now-deleted Instagram page featured trips to various places and them attempting many stunts such as sky diving and sitting on the edge of cliffs.

The bodies were found by authorities with the help of a helicopter from California Highway Patrol. The funeral was set to take place in the US since the bodies were in no condition to be transported back to their homeland of India.

Due to a creepy coincidence, another couple posted a selfie at the exact same spot of Yosemite Park in which Meenakshi can be seen in the background, easily recognizable due to her cotton candy pink hair.

This incident brings to light the issues of several new age habits. Around 259 people have died in the quest for a perfect selfie between the years of 2011 and 2017 alone. These statistics are alarming and point towards a rising trend of insanity for pictures on social media. One of Moorthy’s Instagram posts shows her sitting at the edge of the cliff and the caption warns her followers about the danger of doing daredevil stunts for that perfect picture.

This really grabs our attention and makes us all wonder whether we are going insane- we are risking our lives trying to present a perfect image of ourselves on social media?! Is it really so important in today’s world to have a social media presence where everything seems fine and dandy? Are we really crossing limits, physically and mentally in search of likes and comments on social media?

We must be more careful of our surroundings in my opinion. We should look beyond our camera lenses and enjoy what nature has to offer with our own pair of eyes. A blanket ban should be imposed on taking selfies at risky places to warn tourists about the dangers of doing so.

Instagram and Facebook likes are not going to help save lives, however, using our own common sense and staying away from dangers will.


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