Is Steve Bruce an “inept cabbage-head”?

With the departure of Steve Bruce from Newcastle United, is this end of his long history with British football?

Katie Siddall
27th October 2021
Image credit: Twitter: @goal
Days after taking charge of his 1,000th match Steve Bruce has left Newcastle United by mutual consent.

Previously, Bruce has spent time at Wigan, Birmingham, Hull and both Sheffield clubs. He was the second manager ever to manage both Sheffield sides. Bruce was a player-manager for Sheffield United.

Now, after spending two years with the Magpies, Steve Bruce’s side are sitting too comfortably at 19th in the Premier League table. With losing three and drawing two matches in his last five games, Bruce has revealed he may retire after this draining spell as manager.

Today, talking to the telegraph, Bruce said “I think this might be my last job” as “[p]eople call me a tactically inept cabbage-head”.

I think this might be my last job

Steve Bruce, telegraph

Cabbage-head or not, past players (including Gary Lineker) and managers have come forward to support Bruce. Newcastle fans, on the other hand, seem to be joyous with one fan on Twitter saying: “People who think Bruce is a good manager are trying to be different”.


Though he will be remembered for the manager who got a cabbage thrown at him in his final matches at Aston Villa in 2018, he will also be remembered as the manager who led Newcastle to lose 2-3 to the Tottenham Hotspurs in his 1000th managerial match. His 1000th match may also be his final – as previously stated.

Steve Bruce’s final match was, for want of a better word, chaotic, both on and off pitch as supporters wore inappropriate clothes (due to the takeover), the Magpies went to 1-3 from a 1-0 start and a fan, unfortunately, had a heart attack. Luckily this fan is now stabilized thanks to the incredible team at St. James’ Park.

However, the main part to this was the three goals that Newcastle conceded! Bruce might be thinking that this result was painful, especially for his personal milestone, yet the £8million payoff might be the result he was secretly after.

We’re only in October and Bruce has been the second manager to leave a Premier League club this season. Hats off to him for trying!

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