Is there a market for veggie "turkey" dinosaurs, Quorn's rumoured new venture?

Yani Siskartika tells us why Quorn should go ahead with their rumoured new venture.

Yani Siskartika
7th December 2020
Typisch englisches Schulessen.

A vegan or vegetarian has to be creative with balancing the key components of any meal: nutrition intake, flavour, and presentation. Naturally, parents of vegetarian children strive to achieve this too. Just like fashion, don’t we notice that kids’ style is sometimes a representation of their parents’? So yes, Quorn may intend to market this product towards “veggie kids in the making”. 

However, they may struggle to achieve this at home. Kids meals in restaurants are available in various taste, colour, presentation, packaging which are attractive for kids. The fact these meals are not always nutritious, might explain why more and more parents are feeding their children plant-based meals. Not to mention that tackling climate change should be started at an early age to minimise the carbon footprint additions caused by meat and dairy products.

Meat-free dinosaur-shaped nuggets must appeal to vegetarian parents

This is why vegetarian parents think of ways to pass on the vegetarian tradition to the kids. Of course, there is a need to serve appetising healthy meals. Moving on to Quorn, a 21 year old vegetarian must have been craving her childhood dinner, leading her to drunkenly email Quorn, asking them to make a veggie version of her favourite childhood dinner. It was endearing, and did make sense. Meat-free dinosaur-shaped nuggets must appeal to vegetarian parents, too. They might well wish for healthy meals that are both attractive, and as tasty, as Quorn always delivers. 

Quorn, a brand well-known for its veggie dishes, should definitely start fulfilling this wish. As there is a need for more healthy food choices around the world, undeniably, there will always be a market. Why not promote the product by providing a lunch menu for some elementary school students during the pandemic,  or, in collaboration with a local supermarket, a free Zoom meals prep event for parents and kids? Quorn just needs to confirm whether it actually intends to launch the product.

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