Is there any trust in Liz Truss?

Weighing in on our new Prime Minister

Ross Bennett
20th September 2022
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At noon on Monday 5 September, Liz Truss was appointed Conservative party leader, head of government and Prime Minister of the nation. In these uncertain times, can we, the people of the United Kingdom, place our faith in this new leader?

The short answer? Probably not.

Her voting history shows someone who is pro-Brexit and anti-climate change prevention. Her speeches convey the idea that she's someone who has absolutely no clue what she's doing. And her social media depicts a woman who likes Taylor Swift (not that there's anything objectively wrong with that, per se).

Exactly what the Conservatives have been looking for.

Between the two remaining candidates in the Tory leadership race, I have to say I was personally rooting for Eat Out to Help Out founder Rishi to cinch it in the end but, alas, the decision really came down to two of the most unlikable candidates in parliamentary history.

With a cost of living crisis looming over the UK, the next few months will be a trial by fire for both Liz Truss and the remaining members of the Conservative Party. A fire that likely will not be gas powered.

The next few months will be a trial by fire for both Liz Truss and the remaining members of the Conservative Party

The new Prime Minister has put forth a planned programme to increase tax cuts in order to keep the economy from falling into a recession, and has declared that she herself has a plan to navigate us through the energy crisis.

It is expected that this plan to combat the energy crisis is to borrow billions of pounds in order to subsidise UK citizens' gas usage, a plan which former Prime Minister Boris Johnson described as one you would adopt "if you can't think of anything else". Comforting words from Bozza over there.

The standard of living for British citizens is possibly the lowest it’s been since the start of the 21st century, and if nothing more is done it's likely to get even lower. Yet petty party squabbles have forced whichever Tory toad who's power hungry and attention seeking enough to make their way to the top of the rabble and shout “I know what I’m doing! Everything is going to be A-OK!”

The situation we, the people, find ourselves in is practically disastrous, with speculation of rubbish piling on streets and talk of not even being able to refrigerate our food in the coming months. But forget about potential energy blackouts, because Liz Truss has already sent out invitations to her daughters' friends for sleepovers at Number 10…yay!

Is Prince Andrew invited?

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