Is wearing makeup to the gym the ultimate pre-workout?

I'll be honest, I love wearing makeup to the gym. I know it's not for everyone but hear me out before you bash it.

Amy Mescus
18th March 2024
Image credit: Liubov Ilchuk, Unsplash
I firmly believe that going to the gym is a 'look good, feel good' type of situation. I appreciate being able to catch a glance of myself in the gym mirror and not looking like I've just died and came back to life... twice. It's almost motivating. Especially with some of the strenuous faces that get pulled towards the last few reps of your set; I hope the concealer and mascara can at least slightly disguise how ridiculous I feel I must look. I understand there's the concern of sweating all your makeup off, but that's nothing the combination of a good primer and setting powder can't fix.

But when does it cross the line of wearing too much makeup to the gym? To me, the answer is never. If you want to do your RDLs in a full-coverage, matte foundation and fluffy strip lashes, go for it. Do whatever makes you feel most confident. Because when you feel good about yourself, you won't catch yourself worrying about what other people think of you, and you can put that energy into ensuring you have the best workout session of your life. So, to answer the big question, I think that wearing makeup at the gym is absolutely the ultimate pre-workout. It's also just convenient if you have a whole day ahead of you too.

This, however, is not to say that those who don't wear makeup at the gym look any less, or should feel any less, amazing than those who do. At the end of the day, it totally comes down to your personal preference.

I also just turn bright red after any amount of exercise, which I personally don't love on myself, so there's also that reason. Relatable?

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