It is okay to be angry.

Sophie Wilson explains our anger in the current state of the world, and why that is perfectly okay

Sophie Wilson
14th December 2020

It is okay to be angry. I am angry, my friends are angry, my family are angry. Anger surrounds me.

But, what are we angry about?

We are angry about our lives being stripped of the things that bring us joy, of meeting up with friends in coffee houses, to drinking at the pub until the early hours of the morning, to popping round to a friend’s house to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to hugging grandparents. Things we took for granted seem so special to us now.

When we are stripped of these pleasures that bring us happiness, the world seems rugged and harsh.

Instead of spending the working week surrounded by work friends, we are cooped up in our rooms.

This year has really divided who enjoys the physical work they do, and who enjoys the work environment. But, without the little “anyone wants a cup of tea” in the staff or study room, and without the longing for a Friday afternoon when we know we can have a pint, work can consume our lives.

As a student, uni is intense.

Deadlines consume your life, the work seems too theoretical to understand at points, and to be frank, the marking seems so harsh that it is hard to motivate yourself to carry on. But, we manage to do it. Again and again, we pick ourselves up and we push forward.

File:Curtis Lecture Halls interior view2 empty class.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This year has been a whole load harder. I have sat at my desk multiple times and wondered genuinely what the point is. I am angry that my internet cuts off halfway through a seminar, I am angry when the men outside decide to dig up part of a road just as I sit down to listen to my lecture.

I am angry that my version of uni has been so distorted that I genuinely sometimes hate my decision to come.

But, what does this achieve? This anger gets me nowhere apart from in a circle of rage in my own head. Gathering momentum and sending me downwards in a spiral I cannot climb out of, this anger seems to be consuming my life.

I don’t want to be angry, I really don’t. But at the same time, this year has been a kick in the teeth. So, let the anger run wild for a while and you may feel a sense of freedom.

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