It's a me, a Mario movie trailer

The film has viewers cringing in anticipation, but the trailer provided a ray of hope that it might not be as disasterous as first feared

George Bell
18th October 2022
Image Credit: IMDb

31st January 2018. Nintendo announces The Super Mario Bros. Movie in collaboration with Universal Pictures and Illumination (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Despicable Me 3, Minions, Minions: The Rise of Gru).

23rd September 2021: The Mario movie cast is announced. Jack Black is Bowser, Anya Taylor Joy is Peach, and Charlie Day is Luigi. Mario will be voiced by…Chris Pratt. Italy weeps.

23rd June 2022: In an interview with Variety, Chris Pratt says that his voice performance will “be unlike anything you’ve ever heard”. The world waits with bated breath.

6th October 2022: The Super Mario Bros. Movie teaser trailer drops.

Yet despite the global dread building up to the release of this film, anarchy did not ensue. In fact, the trailer was received well, and it looks like we will be getting a fun and faithful adaptation of the games. Unsurprising as Nintendo would rather behead every dungaree-wearing pop culture icon at Illumination, lest repeat past mistakes (Super Mario Bros (1993)).

The 2 minutes 25-second teaser trailer did as the name entails and gave us a taste of what we can expect. From the off, we are introduced to Jack Black’s performance as Bowser, delivering a great rendition of the character while the animators somehow manage to capture Black’s likeness in the giant animated turtle's expressions. Facing off against an army of penguins, we seem to have the stakes set for us with Bowser getting a star, rather than a princess, and boasting “Now who is gonna stop me?!”

Naturally, the person who is gonna stop him is everyone’s favourite Italian, played by American actor Chris Pratt, Mario. Making a less than graceful landing in Mushroom Kindom, Prat-sorry I mean Mario, meets Toad (Keegan-Michael Key) before they both go galavanting off before announcing a phrase seared into my psyche for many years to come “Mushroom Kingdom, here we come!” 

Is Pratt’s performance, as he himself said, unlike anything we have ever heard? Not really. In fact, Mario almost sounds exactly like the famous actor and star of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World franchises. I will be giving the benefit of the doubt for the moment however as we currently have only heard Pratt say two whole lines. Perhaps a ploy to delay the ears of the world from unspeakable horrors yet to come? Who knows.

Little more can be said at the moment as all we have is a teaser trailer, but hopefully when a full trailer drops we can get a better indication of what to expect from Pratt’s Mario. Hopefully, that will also give us a look at Anya Taylor Joy’s Peach and more of Charlie Day's Luigi who only made a brief appearance at the very end of the trailer.

Only time will tell if The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be a mario-velous success or sink like a plumber in a green pipe.  

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AUTHOR: George Bell
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