It's finally here: Bath and Body Works makes a splash in the UK

One of our sub-editors reports on Bath and Body Works' arrival in the UK.

Kayleigh Fraser
15th November 2021
Bath and Body Works finally lands in the UK. Image Credit: Kayleigh Fraser
After eight long years of waiting, my patience has finally been rewarded. Bath and Body Works is being sold by Next and my excitement is unparalleled.

Anyone who was also obsessed with early/mid-YouTube culture will be aware of Bath and Body Works. Back then, you couldn't find a 'Monthly Favourites' or a 'Florida Haul' without a mention of the popular brand.

On the week commencing the 1st of November, Bath and Body Works opened a small stall in Next's Home and Beauty Store.

It's located in the lower red mall at Gateshead's Metro Centre.

First founded in 1990 in Ohio, the (now) billion-dollar company has been inaccessible for British buyers. For years fans of the scents have searched eBay for their fix from American holidaymakers coming back home.

Selling a mixture of hand sanitisers, lotions, gels, sprays and candles, Bath and Body Works is a one-stop-shop for everything you could ever dream of.

No description available.
By the time I arrived, many people had already raided the shelves. Image: Kayleigh Fraser

Want to smell like a vanilla cupcake? They have a scent for that. Ever dreamed of your hands smelling like cinnamon pumpkins? You betcha, Bath and Body Works can deliver every time.

Admittedly, as an enthusiast, my collection already contains hundreds of items. Many of them are sanitisers but I cannot resist the body sprays. Part of my haul this time around (as there will be many more trips in the near future) included a spray named 'Twisted Peppermint".

Because, after all, if you can smell like candy canes, why wouldn't you?

No description available.
I managed to grab four items for myself. Image: Kayleigh Fraser

I was surprised at the minuscule amount of products actually remained on shelves. What started as soaps, lotions, sprays and candles ended up as less popular scents spanning a few lonely shelves.

Fifty pounds later... my mission was complete. No more scouring eBay for me. From now on I'll do my Bath and Body Works in person at the Metrocentre.

I'll deal with a section of Next for now, but I truly hope this leads to its own official (giant) store in the future.

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AUTHOR: Kayleigh Fraser
Campus Comment Sub Editor for 2021/22. English Literature Student heavily obsessed with politics, bath and body works and making positive change. Also slightly infatuated with iced coffee, guinea pigs, my dog and binging The Simpsons.

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