Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello returning for The Snyder Cut

Leo Dawson discusses the latest news on the Snyder cut of Justice League

Leo Dawson
9th November 2020
Zack Snyder’s Justice League just got even more stacked, adding DC supervillains Joker and Deathstroke in brand new scenes for the 2021 HBO Max release.

After years of campaigning for the original cut of the superhero blockbuster to be released, The Snyder Cut is finally on the horizon. However, fans have even more to celebrate with some familiar faces returning to production. 

Jared Leto (Fight Club) will soon be reprising his role as the Joker, for the first time since 2016’s Suicide Squad, as Zack Snyder adds the finishing touches to his Director’s Cut of Justice League (originally released in 2017). Leto’s first outing as the Clown Prince of Crime was met with strong critique, however many fans on social media expressed their gratefulness that he gets another chance.

Image credit: IMDb

Joe Manganiello (True Blood) will also be returning after a brief cameo in the theatrical cut of Justice League, appearing in the movie’s post-credits scene as DC mercenary Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. Snyder originally cast Manganiello back in 2016 but has never had a chance to showcase his version of the villain on screen. 

Now being released on Warner Bros streaming service HBO Max, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is set to be an overwhelmingly faithful adaptation of Snyder’s original script. Leaning into the director’s infamously long runtimes, the film will also now be split into several episodic style instalments, much more appropriate than butchering the length of the movie purely for a theatrical release.

Ray Fisher (True Detective) has been outspoken in his condemnation of Whedon

This is one of the many obstacles that Warner Bros created when they stepped in to ‘save’ the 2017 release, after Snyder left the film due to a family tragedy. Bringing on Joss Whedon to pick up directing proved to be a major issue, not only cheapening the production value of the theatrical release but causing serious behind-the-scenes problems for cast members.

Ray Fisher (True Detective) has been outspoken in his condemnation of Whedon, tweeting that he felt bullied by the director during Justice League reshoots and that mistreatment of people of colour on set was an overwhelming factor in why he finally spoke out. An inquiry is currently in progress to clarify what happened back in 2016.

Leto and Manganiello are set to join returning actors Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman) as Batman and Amber Heard (Aquaman) as Mera for reshoots. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be released in 2021.

Featured images: IMDb

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