Jingle Jangle review: an instant Christmas classic that celebrates diversity

Arnojya Shree takes a look at Netflix's Christmas treat for the kids and whole family

Arnojya Shree
17th November 2020
Image Credit: Youtube
Netflix's new holiday original Jingle Jangle instantly sets itself apart as a Christmas classic, which should remain in everyone's watch list for a while to come. The musical is emotionally rich with a mix of funny, sentimental, silly and genuine.

Much like a tide, the film follows a pattern of highs and lows. However, with a stable sense of "symmetry and synchronization", it manages to retain 'the mystery of what's next' throughout its course.

Once upon a time inside a storybook, we meet Jeronicus Jangle, "the greatest inventor" who makes brilliant toys for children around the world. Jangle's latest invention, The Don Juan Diego doll, has snatched away all the attention he could afford, and it is making his apprentice Gustafson suffer much. In a moment of persuasion, Jangle ends up getting betrayed by his creation and his apprentice.

With bright colours and sweet sentiments, it is easy to get carried away into the 17th Century fantasy world

This devastation snatches away everything from Jangle, from his belief in magic to his family. However, years later, he is granted an opportunity to mend things and meet his granddaughter, Journey, who is about to bring life back to good ol' Jangle.

The Jingle Jangle musical comes with a strong story, convincing actors, energetic dance and song sequences, and a beautiful film design. From puppets to animation, the film design deserves a special shout-out for genuinely making this Christmas special appear like an enchanting land. With bright colours and sweet sentiments, it is easy to get carried away into the 17th Century fantasy world, where family, love and belief create the real magic.

Image: YouTube

The entire POC cast pulls the representation standard to an all-time high, charmingly proving the magic of an apt casting decision. The lead, as well as supporting characters, deliver a moving performance which is bound to bring tears of tenderness to the eyes. The song and dance bits are overwhelmingly powerful, and the screen does absolutely no justice to it.

In a way, the film serves as a constant reminder that the compelling spirit of an excellent musical can never fit inside our screens. Jingle Jangle is a masterpiece which would revel in a stage act allowing the audience to experience and participate in it rather than numbingly observe.

Rating: 4/5

Featured Image: YouTube

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