John Lewis: Santa isn’t real

Sarah Davis looks at John Lewis advert based of the premise that Santa doesn’t exist (clearly the most imporatant issue we face). People are loosing it.

30th December 2016

It all started with the “Shadows” Christmas advert 2007, and ever since John Lewis has graced our screens with #BearAndTheHare #MontyThePenguin #ManOnTheMoon and of course, this years instalment #BusterTheBoxer. Its popularity having grown from two snowmen Christmas 2012 frolicking to the remake of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic “The Power of Love”, the John Lewis Christmas adverts have surpassed the Coca Cola truck advert for its heightened festive sentiment. The build up to Christmas has truly arrived once the department store releases their annual yuletide promotion.  Customer director for John Lewis, Craig Inglis, speaking to The Independent, said “ 2016 has certainly been quite a year, so we hope our advert will make people smile. It really embraces a sense of fun and magic, reminding everyone what it feels like to give the perfect Christmas.”

“Having taken many of the worlds greatest heroes, 2016 has been granted the privilege of possibly being the most tragic year this decade”

However this years campaign has sparked controversy with many social media users. The latest campaign is estimated to have cost £7 million and tells the tale of a little girl named Bridget who loves to jump. For Christmas she is bestowed with the gift of a trampoline.

But many social media users have spotted an obvious problem with the advertisement. The advert shows the trampoline built on Christmas Eve by Bridget’s Dad, leaving the question: “Where is Father Christmas?”Many parents have been left with very awkward questions from youngsters. One mother wrote on Facebook: “John Lewis I’m going to ask you the same as my little boy asked me after watching your Christmas ad. Why doesn’t Father Christmas bring that little girl her present”. Another user said: “Don’t let any kids see this advert it needs to be banned. Who are John Lewis to destroy to magic of Christmas everywhere for kids all over the world!” However John Lewis seems to have a back up plan: a representative for the store told The Independent and The Huffington Post: “We are sure Father Christmas visited Bridget and Buster the night before, this is just an extra special gift from her parents because she loves to bounce”

Having taken many of the worlds greatest heroes, 2016 has been granted the privilege of possibly being the most tragic year this decade. After the election of Donald Trump one twitter user even said: “The John Lewis advert better be bloody spectacular now”. To many it seems even John Lewis has added to the reputation of 2016 by ruining the magic of Christmas, dropping a reality bomb and ripping Santa Claus away from all of our hearts.  However not all have shared the same opinion, one writing: “The world is in shambles and you’re all mad because Santa didn’t build the trampoline in the John Lewis advert. Calm down.” Each year John Lewis works with charities that fit their certain advertisement, this campaign has encouraged more to take interest in British Wildlife and advocated more to support Wildlife Trusts. Whilst the advert makes no attempt to suggest Father Christmas brought the trampoline to Bridget, Christmas symbolises much more than the work of a magical old man dressed in a red suit, and really we all need to get a grip!

Sarah Davis

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