John Wick's got game

Mr. Wick hits the small screen in game form. James Troughton speculates as to what a John Wick game could be like.

James Troughton
27th May 2019
Image: IGDB
To the surprise of many, John Wick is getting a video game adaptation. And no, it is not a bog-standard FPS. Instead, we can look forward to a fast-paced, action-oriented strategy title that is being developed by none other than indie team Bithell Games.

John Wick has been on a murderous rampage since his puppy died in 2014 but, coming soon, we’ll be able to take control of the titular character and continue his ongoing slaughter with returning characters Winston and Charon voiced by the very actors that played them.

The story, however, will not be based on the movies and is instead its own standalone experience. And, as you progress through this narrative, you will find yourself unlocking new weapons, suits and locations. After all, is it really John Wick without dapper attire and an incredible arsenal?

For £15.99, John Wick Hex seems like it might be worth giving a try

The studio is known for the hits Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular and Volume, and thankfully they are bringing that indie charm to this title through stylised noir themed graphics, unexpected gameplay designs and a rich palette of vibrant colours. The Epic Store, where it will be exclusively sold, describes the experience as a “fight-choreographed chess brought to life.”

For £15.99, John Wick Hex seems like it might be worth giving a try, but a release date has yet to be announced, with no confirmed console versions either. However, it’s nice to see indie developers getting larger toolboxes to utilise in this industry of triple-A cash cows.

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