K-hole catastrophes plague the party scenes.

Warning issued regarding dangerous ketamine.

Varsha Jayaprasad
21st February 2023
Image credit: Flickr

TW: Drug Abuse

All clubbing enthusiasts and partygoers have been warned of the emergence of a new drug that borrows characteristics from ketamine but provides side effects that last in an unappealing manner.

Over a week ago, London club Fabric posted a warning on their social media stating the spread of this mysterious substance at their events and the prevalence of it in various venues across London. Various clubs in university cities have taken up this note of caution and have been on the lookout for cases of use for this drug.

Various clubs in university cities have taken up this note of caution and have been on the lookout for cases of use for this drug.

The police in Lincoln has also been on the case of this contraband and have issued warnings after receiving reports of people collapsing and having adverse side effects after taking recreational drugs.

“We do not know at this stage what has caused the adverse reactions, but we are considering that the supply is tainted and would strongly urge people to avoid taking drugs,” said the Lincolnshire Police to the Tab.

According to Fabric, the new drug causes symptoms like that of a k-hole but with worse side effects. FRANK, a drugs information charity says that Ketamine is an anesthetic used for humans and animals. It provides a detached and chilled reaction to its users. A K-hole can be defined as a reaction that occurs due to a high intake of ketamine and one can experience a state of dissociation. The side effects include difficulty in breathing and a lack of responsiveness in many cases.

Fabric London also states that if anyone does experience such symptoms or is in any state of unease, the club does have access to paramedics and a welfare zone.

For more information about drugs, visit the FRANK website, or you can also call FRANK anytime at 0300 123 6600 for confidential advice. Whilst in an emergency, always call 999.

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