Kanye not just stick to music Mr. West?

Emily Higgins discusses Kanye West's latest show: Yeezy Season 3

29th February 2016

Kanye West, an unapologetic contraction with zero filter. There has been an endless supply of ridiculousness in the run up to his most recent fashion instalment of his collaboration with Adidas 20,000 people including Anna Wintour, A$AP Rocky and the Kardashians, gathered in Madison Square Gardens for the Yeezy Season 3 show which doubled as a unveiling for his latest album – The Life of Pablo. But audiences and designers alike seem to be getting sick of the rapper’s attempts to draw attention to himself, showcasing his “clothing lines” as a child trying to show off a Lego model would. Yeezy Seasons 1 and 2 showcased distressed, oversized muted clothing with clear inspiration from the likes of Martin Margiela, Helmet Lang and Raf Simmons giving a strong post-apocalyptic vibe, compared regularly to something found in the wardrobe department of The Walking Dead. So, Mr West, what’s new? Well, the answer is, not a lot. Granted, the 43 models had a bit more colour to their parka coats and unfinished sweaters but apart from that, the whole thing seems a bit monotonous and unoriginal.

In fact, Cathy Horyn (infamous fashion critic who once compared Oscar De La Rent to a hotdog) called the line “Drab, broken down basics (that) proved he can’t be taken seriously as a designer”, ouch. The man who has described himself as the ‘second coming’, charged fans over $100 a ticket to see models stood on a podium covered in old bed sheets. He then previewed his new album to which his friends took to the stage to dance with him. If we wanted to see a group of guys dance on piles of dirty washing we could go to any student house during prinks, it’s nothing new Yeezy.

Kanye also had a true to form mid show strop in which he said we are all becoming “New Slaves” of consumerism. However, he still expects fans to splash out thousands on bagging themselves a pair of Yeezy boost 350’s? We’re confused too. Lacking a standard runway; the models, including Naomi Campbell and Young Thug, were told to stand on a podium. Meaning that those not worthy of making it to the front row had great difficulty seeing the clothes which seems to defeat the object entirely. Confusion was also felt by the models who were given a list of, what can only be described as ridiculous, rules for the show. The list includes hypocritical gems such as “No Acting” “Stay in Character” “No Slow Movements” “No Fast Movements” “Loosen up” “Do not be casual”. Threatened with a law suit of ‘no less than $10 million’ if they were to break the rules – maybe mannequins would have been a better option Kanye?

If we wanted to see a group of guys dance on piles of dirty washing we could go to any student house during prinks

The Kardashian clan were out in full force to support Ye’s showcase. The gang, including North West, were decked out in Yeezy outfits looking noticeably uncomfortable in their dishevelled muted clothing and rhinestone encrusted bodysuits. North and Kim sported matching fur and Kim’s hair returned to the platinum blonde Draco Malfoy look for the occasion. Nice. The whole thing seemed contrived, only acting as an ego-boost for the rapper, which, let’s be real - he definitely doesn’t need.

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