Kate Bond: Songwriting, influences and 'fuck-you soul'.

Writers Rhys James and Lillie Waine talk about the upcoming songwriter Kate Bond...

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25th March 2022
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Born and raised in Bradford, Kate Bond’s debut single Beauty Sleep featured on BBC 1’s Best of 2021 Introducing show. She’s also been recognised for her “top tier”  live lounge session of the track by BBC presenter Gemma Bradley. Bond attributes her musical influences to her parents, both of whom had their own musical interests. As a Jazz musician who taught her piano, her father helped to establish Bond’s recognisable tone, and married with her mother’s feminist punk ideals steered the artist to her self-described “fuck-you soul” sound. 

As a  feminist, these values are evident within her own discography. Her number one streamed song Beauty Sleep, with almost 11,000 streams on Spotify, details the warped perceptions men have regarding casual sex with women. Following a break-up with her long term partner, Bond experienced first hand the double standards within hook-up culture. The lyric “Check your audacity before you come for me” illustrates this sentiment assertively. 

Having taught herself the electric guitar over lockdown (which she bought with her student loan), the Newcastle based Bond is continuing work with the BBC, whilst playing gigs around the city in which she attended university. As a rising musician, we asked her thoughts on the evolving methods of promotion within the music industry. She noted how the rising popularity of social media platforms, especially TikTok, have made it easier to gain overnight fame without longevity, a path the artist does not wish to take herself. Bond reflects on her own desire for overnight gratification, before realising this was unsustainable; “it’s hard to maintain an audience” she concludes. 

Since the release of Thinking of You in January of this year,, the upcoming artist has plans to release an EP by the summer of this year. An album is also in the works, however Bond is in no hurry to rush this process. The cost of producing an album including promotion, distribution and videography, amongst other factors, complicates matters. Nevertheless, Bond is not willing to compromise the quality of her work as “for people to invest in you, you must prove you will invest in yourself”.

Kate Bond performs live at Blues and Bourbon on Nelson street every Sunday from 8pm. Her music is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Multiple Writers: Rhys James and Lillie Waine

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