Keep Calm and Carry On

Benazir Parween gives some tips on how to keep the faith in second term

15th February 2016

We are done with the first term! Exams, projects, essays, presentations and everything in between is done (for now)! Aren’t we all glad that we did not give up, not completely at least, or end up hiding under our covers until it was all over? I hope you have given yourself a good treat or two for surviving another mad term. Because it’s back to business now. Already? Yes! Time can be evil like that sometimes. We will all be right back in the same place in a couple of months. But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back here.

“Why did I choose to go to university? Was I in a sane state of mind?” “Do I really want to be a architect/artist/writer? I mean I could go back to my childhood dream of becoming a duck,” “Are we done yet?” Plus so many more ridiculous feelings and questions must have passed our minds. It’s normal. But always go back to the root of it all. Why did you decide on pursuing this particular degree? You must have put in very serious thought into it. If you didn’t have a passion for it, you wouldn’t want to put yourself through all that stress.

“Reread all the positive feedback you got from your lecturers, and feel good about your passion

Nobody should be forcing you because you are the one living your life. Reread all the positive feedback you got from your lecturers, and feel good about your passion and that your work is being appreciated for its merit. Print it out and paste it around your room. Who cares if anybody judges you, you should be proud of it.

Something about starting a new year that gets everyone excited and inspired for what the year has to offer them. It is a blessing in disguise that we have our second term starting in a new year. You are probably getting back your grades from before. Some of you may rejoice, some disheartened and some still feeling lost. Whether you fall into any of that group, set yourself reasonable goals for this term – remember you made it through before.

Maybe try pushing yourself for the next grade, attend all classes like you promised in the midst of exam terror. Most importantly plan ahead for your assessments. You probably think I’m crazy asking you to do that but it will actually help you to calm down your nerves. Have little notes throughout your diary on what you could be doing to get prepared – choose your essay question, start your readings early, a (super) rough draft. That way you have a clear idea of your assignment by the time you get to writing or studying.

“Have little notes throughout your diary on what you could be doing to get prepared”

We have talked about the beginning of choosing a university/course, the middle of working through your assessments and now think about the end. No, not the end-end! Let’s not be morbid. But every time a term comes to an end, it means we are getting closer to attaining that degree.

Getting all dressed up, walking up on stage (without tripping, but if you trip so what! That will make a good anecdote) in front of your loved ones and completing one chapter of your story with pride and happiness. Let’s not panic about getting a job now. Take tiny steps because we will all eventually get there. Keep going, we are never stagnant. So guys, good luck!

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