Keeping up with the Kardashians to end after season 20

Sophie Hicks discusses her thoughts on the end of a Kardashian era

Sophie Hicks
17th September 2020
Credit: IMDb
Keeping Up with the Kardashians will no longer be, well, keeping up with the Kardashians. Or the Jenners, Wests, or even the Disicks. After 20 seasons, are we sad to see the show go?

I must admit that I was once a big fan of the show, constantly in the loop with the Kardashian-Jenner drama. Oh, and an avid player of the app Kim Kardashian Hollywood for YEARS. However, even I haven’t watched the reality show in a few years. Despite this, I will be sad to see it end because it was so iconic.

The show itself had a simple premise: What do the Kardashians, a rich family in LA, do with their time? Through this, they created an empire that everyone knows. No matter who you are, you will almost definitely have some opinion on the Kardashians and their lives- they’re literally unavoidable. From TV shows to makeup lines, fashion collaborations and endless Gummy Bear Hair vitamin sponsored adverts, they’ve made themselves known, to say the least. 

Kylie's secret pregnancy.
Credit: Kylie Jenner on Youtube

The show had some really funny moments, such as Kim losing a diamond earring in the ocean or when she was taking selfies whilst her sister, Khloé, was arrested. Oh, and Scott Disick was a comedic gem back in the day.

However, the show also had its moments that gave the family a heart beyond their glamorous appearances, such as Kylie’s hidden pregnancy, Tristan Thompson cheating on 9-month-pregnant Khloé, and the change in family dynamics once Caitlyn Jenner transitioned. We really learnt about the family, through the good and bad, and that’s what kept it going for so long. 

They all have their own families and lives, and it’s probably just too much to compress into a single TV show at this point

Kylie and Kendall in the first season.
Credit: UniversalPlaybackTV on Youtube

So, why is it ending? Personally, I think they just outgrew the show, and people don’t watch actual TV as much anymore. When the show started, no one really knew anything about the Kardashians. Kendall and Kylie were literally children! There was also no Netflix, no Instagram, no nothing. Now, they all have their own families and lives, and it’s probably just too much to compress into a single TV show at this point. Plus, as their families get bigger, there are complications with SO's who want to keep their privacy, such as Kanye West, who refuses to be on the show.

I think once the show’s over they’ll just utilise their own social media platforms more (if it’s even possible) and retain the brands they’ve created from it. On social media, the stars of the show seem to be in disbelief that it’s ending, implying that it wasn’t their choice for the show to end. Despite this, they seem to be ready for the change. Must be weird to have almost 15 years of your life filmed for it to finally be over. 

Many fans are already petitioning to start a spinoff show of Keeping up with Khloé

Could Khloé have her own solo show?
Credit: IMDb

So yes, I am sad that it’s over, but it must be nice to have some level of privacy back for them. Saying that, many fans are already petitioning to start a spinoff show of Keeping up with Khloé because according to news outlets, she’s been taking the cancellation to heart.

Even if KUWTK is over, there is no doubt that spinoff shows are inevitable (see Rob and Chyna, I Am Cait, Life of Kylie...the list goes on.) Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if spinoffs are already in production. 

Eventhough the main Keeping Up with the Kardashians is ending, I’m sure this isn’t the end of the Kardashian legacy and their never-ending controversies.

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AUTHOR: Sophie Hicks
Former TV Sub-Editor for The Courier and BA Media Communication and Cultural Studies graduate

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