Killing Eve: My Favourite Looks Ahead of The New Season

Alice reviews two of Vilanelle's most iconic looks.

Alice Holmes
28th February 2022
Image: Instagram @guardianfashion

My favourite outfit of Villanelle’s from Killing Eve has to be this pink Rosie Assoulin shirt and ballgown skirt from her visit to Amsterdam. At this point in the series, she is writing love letters to Eve, with the pink colour hinting at the romance. It is also reminiscent of her other infamous pink outfit choice from earlier in the series. Costume designer Charlotte Mitchell says, “it’s as though I am designing for about 10 different characters at one time,” reflecting on the multiple personalities of Villanelle and her corresponding fashion choices. I love that the ballgown skirt from William Vintage and Christian Lacroix vintage earrings show her confidence and self-assuredness, as such pieces which would not be typically worn in the daytime. The outfit shows her boldness and complete absence of care for any opinion, this is evidenced in the scene when someone asks to take her photo for Instagram and she replies, “No. Of course not, don’t be pathetic.”  

Image: Instagram @thelovelylynsey

Another of my favourite outfits is this psychedelic suit from Season 3. Throughout the series, bold suits have become a trademark for Villanelle, and they only seem to get more eccentric. This Halpern marble print suit matched with Simon Miller boots is certainly eye-catching and reflects her attitude perfectly, especially set against the dismal background of the London Underground. Her changeable style, from elegant pink evening wear to a bold, colourful suit, carry the plot in conjunction with her fantastic acting. 

Image: Instagram @villaneve_her_n_her

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