Kim's latest kontroversy

Posing naked to advertise products appears to be second nature to Kim Kardashian. But should we be offended by this? Sophie Hindhaugh investigates what the big deal with it is...

Sophie Hindhaugh
5th November 2018
Instagram: @kimkardashian

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West has revealed a new addition to her makeup empire: The Flashing Lights Collection. Only a month earlier she revealed the launch of her Classic Blossom Collection, which was well received, due to its neutral and pink tones, a staple of KKW’s style and easily marketable due to its wearability.

This new collection however, reminds me of some of her older makeup products - specifically the Ultralight Beams. It seems almost futuristic, with its holographic packaging and prismatic, jewel tones. Kim and Kanye are always trying their hardest to look like they’re from the year 3000 (with questionable success) and she has clearly decided to incorporate this into her makeup. This has proved a success, as holographic tones have been an on-going trend that we’re not getting tired of.

The marketing of her new collection, photographed by David LaChapelle, and uploaded to Instagram (of course), has been met with heavy criticism and backlash (as per usual). Kim Kardashian has one of the most interesting comment sections on Instagram, with people from different backgrounds, sex and race all banding together to attack this woman for transgressing what they deem acceptable for a woman. They go as far as to comment on her ability as a mother - who apparently is a separate entity from human - a paragon of female modesty and fidelity. But, don’t worry, this standard is only expected of women. Kim’s husband can apparently attend the Pornhub Awards and sing ‘I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck’ with zero animosity from the public. It is insane. The amount of people who crowd on her Instagram, typing out their recycled insults with the same passion they were typing them out five years ago, towards a woman they don’t know, and who has little to no effect on their lives. Yes, her advertising for her makeup collection has her naked - or thereabouts - in most of the shots. So, what? Who cares? Why do you care? It’s a human body. It’s not even that - it’s an image of a human body. It’s not like we are getting an explicit close-up of her vagina. Although, if anyone could sell eye shadow through doing that, I’m sure it would be Kimmy, and I would be doubly impressed.

[pullquote]Kim is a business woman to the core[/pullquote]. ‘The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder’ viral meme misses out only that Miss Kimberly Kardashian is right behind her momma, walking in her business savvy footsteps. She knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s courting controversy - she’s making dolla, and a lot of it. What are those angry little trolls gaining when typing out those self-righteous insults? Nothing but high blood pressure and some misplaced righteousness.

The most annoying comments are the one that say she’s a mother. Does being a mother mean its time to don a Nuns habit? Nudity has been at the forefront of art for millennia. The Greeks were sculpting titties purely for the sake of it. Kim Kardashian isn’t doing anything new - she’s just new in that she’s utilising her assets and laughing all the way to the bank more successfully than most women before her. The only people her nudity annoys are the people who would idolize The Odyssey’s Penelope. Besides, Kim Kardashian’s makeup campaign isn’t just an excuse to flash what her momma gave her, but takes inspiration from one of the most famous Renaissance painters, Titian (Venus and her Mirror, 1555), as well as the religious iconography of St Francis of Assisi. Clearly, Kim Kardashian’s ‘haterz’ are as ignorant of art history (or don’t follow @TabloidArtHistory on Twitter) as they are of the fact that they give her invaluable publicity, every time, by being so enraged at each post. She realises nothing sells better than sex (and controversy) and she exploits that.

And, who can blame her? While Kim is not un-problematic, I’ll always admire her tenacity and Machiavellian like attitude to acquiring that dough. She’s transgressive, which is why she’s one of the most influential women in the world and a ‘pop culture phenomenon, in the words of Vogue. Her new collection and the staggering attention it has received (despite her being in the game since the noughties), shows that Kim is a marketing mogul. Who knows, I might even be persuaded to buy one of her funky eye shadows this time.


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