Kingdom Hearts 3 - New Worlds Revealed

With the long anticipated Kingdom Hearts III's release fast approaching, Jordan Oloman runs us through the latest announcements

Jordan Oloman
27th February 2018

We’re getting a new Kingdom Hearts game this year. Can you believe that? This will be the fifteenth entry. I’ve played 5 of them, the essential ones, and I still don’t understand the story. I don’t think anyone does. But I think at its core the games are beautiful. Probably the best Disney games, the ones that capture the Michael Mouse spirit so efficiently.

Speaking of Michaels, we recently got a trailer for the new title at Disney’s expo in Japan and it contains a certain green cyclops. You guessed it. Mike Wazowski. Michael will be joined by Sully and Boo as Sora adventures in the world of Monsters Inc., a realm so perfect for Kingdom Hearts it makes the child in me want to YELP.

Michael will be joined by Sully and Boo as Sora adventures in the world of Monsters Inc.

As shown in the trailer you can adventure in the door factory, wipe out Heartless with scream power and chuck Mike about like an empty tracksuit. I’m sold. The game could be 30 minutes long and just this world and I’d still buy it.

But, there’s more. Marluxia is back, and Sora doesn’t know who that is (memories were wiped). Vanitas is also here somehow, but don’t worry about it, focus on the Disney. Donald and Goofy get turned into adorable homunculi, Ariel is now a summon and I pray to god that has replaced the involvement of the most terrible world, Atlantica.

Tangled is also in the game, which I'm currently watching for research

We’re also getting a Toy Story world which is something I’m confident I had fever dreams about when I was 8. Tangled is also in the game, which I’m currently watching for research, and can I just say that if Pascal the chameleon is not in this game I’m going to lose my god damn mind.

Other than that, looks like Mount Olympus is back, and therefore hopefully my son Phil, voiced by Danny DeVito as he should be.

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