Korean fashion week 2018

Fashion ed, Miranda Stoner delves into the hype of Korean streetwear...

12th November 2018

The Korean beauty scene has long been a fascination for UK audiences with the 10 Step Korean Skincare routine and sheet masks filling our Instagram feeds. However, following this year’s Spring/Summer 2019 Seoul Fashion Week it is clear that we also have a lot to learn from their fashionistas. The shows displayed a hot pot of great talent, as well as hosting some of the most stylist guests.

Upcoming designers such as Seung Gun Park from Pushbutton showcased a collection inspired by the extravagance of the eighties, complete with fluorescent aerobics wear and cocktail dresses. Whilst Myoungsin Lee from Low Classic created an image of sophistication with her minimalistic feminine pieces. She aimed to evoke the idea of Asia in a European context and included elements of folklore and nature. The looks had a strong black and white theme with flashes of burnt orange and yellow. The show employed all elements to bring the theme to the viewer, even the sense of smell was stimulated by fresh wood boards stapled to the floor to add a plywood smell to the atmosphere.

Some of the strongest looks, however, came from the attendees themselves whose highly covetable streetwear looks set them aside from other fashion week audiences. Each show-goer managed to create a stylish yet still personalised and individual look. From streetwear and sportswear logos to matching outfits.

The show-goers were dressed in a vast array of styles. Some opted for all out unapologetic colours, whilst others chose muted tones- or a mix of both. One model opted for a grey suit with a neon yellow jumper and red bag. A strong general trend amongst the audience was a highly structured look. Jackets, coats and blazers in all nuances of the rainbow were worn. Each wearer styled this differently. One Instagrammer combined a cocktail dress with an oversize blazer to give the illusion of mile long legs and accessorized simply with a gold brooch and slim black waist belt. Others matched suit trousers and trainers. This gave the traditionally formal look a laid back element. Shoes were a strong point amongst the Seoul fashion week audience.

The androgyny of the looks was noticeable and this added sophistication. This was reflected through his and hers coordinated outfits and the beautiful tailoring which added a feminine touch to traditionally masculine garments.

They say that shoes can make or break an outfit but the streetwear style in Seoul was coordinated from head to toe. Everything from kitten heels to converse set foot in the hallowed halls each paired perfectly to the wearer. Knee high platform boots cropped up frequently, whether that was in conjunction with ripped skinny jeans or a short skirt was left up to the wearer.

The most remarkable thing about the streetwear worn at Seoul fashion week was perhaps the ability of each individual to create their own unique and unprecedented look. No two outfits appeared the same and there seemed to be no fear or self-doubt.

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