Kreator - Gods of Violence

Sam Blackburn reviews Kreator's new album, Gods of Violence

Sam Blackburn
23rd February 2017

Amongst all of the artsy farty indie albums in the new release section of HMV, I came across the most satanically evil album cover of them all. This belonged to the latest release by German Thrash Metal band, Kreator. The album starts with an epic 1 minute introduction piece called ‘Apocolypticon’, building up the tension with a war drum preparing us for the album. When that piece finishes and you hear the opening riff to ‘World War Now’, that’s the moment when you know that Gods of Violence is going to be a great listen.

"an aggressive sonic assault on the ears"

From start to finish, I can honestly say that Gods of Violence has been an aggressive sonic assault on the ears. It’s been a great time to be a fan of thrash metal, with all the big four recently releasing a new album, but can I just make note that Gods of Violence trumps all those albums. Sure, Metallica and Megadeth’s latest albums have been alright, they haven’t been amazingly heavy. Gods of Violence on the other hand is an album turned up all the way to eleven. Other than the raw speed of the album, what really stood out to me was the guitar work. One of my biggest issues with modern music is how generic the guitar work is, or the lack there of. There are some fantastic guitar riffs throughout this album a long with an unbelievable guitar solo in ‘Totalitarian Terror’.

Gods of Violence is an album which has made me extremely happy, as it is a reminder that even some of the oldest thrash metal bands can still produce great albums. I must admit, I wasn’t really a massive Kreator fan before I listened to this, but after listening to it on Spotify, I can honestly say that I will be treading through their discography.


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