Large Australian python found in Jesmond Dene

Editor Ella Williams reports on the giant snake spotted in Jesmond last Sunday

Ella Williams
7th September 2020
Passersby were shocked to discover a massive 6-foot-long snake in Jesmond Dene yesterday (Sunday 6th September).

The snake was spotted on some steps on the side of Ouseburn Road by a group of unsuspecting walkers on an afternoon stroll.

It was identified by animal experts online as a Carpet Python, a non-venomous variety typically found in Australia. The snake is suspected by police to have been a pet that was dumped by its owner.

Tom Statham, known as @TomOTTC on Twitter, was the first to come across the snake. Talking to the Courier, he recounted the ordeal: "I was walking up Ouseburn Road with my girlfriend and her family."

"Four of us walked straight past but her parents pointed it out immediately at the bottom of some cobbled steps. It was perfectly still so we didn't know if someone had placed a fake one there for the craic".

We didn't know if someone had placed a fake one there for the craic

Shocked, the group threw a small twig from a distance to make sure it was real. The snake made a "sharp movement" with its head in response.

Tom told the Courier, "I ended up calling Northumbria Police for advice. They said they would allocate a police vehicle to come as a matter of urgency".

"Then we basically kept watch on the snake for about 90 minutes while other passers stopped in awe and took pictures. Others waited around with us for a while".

The police managed to capture the snake using just gloves and a large bag, with the help of fellow passersby. It was later reported to have been taken back to station and checked over by a vet.

Video recorded by @TomOTTC on Twitter

Reflecting on the experience, Tom Statham said, "It was nice that all the passersby were nattering so comfortably with each other, especially after the isolation that everyone's had to endure this year"

"I think everyone was happy to have a bit of communal excitement for a change".

"At the end one of the officers said "ssssnake ssssecured" into his walkie talkie which gave everyone a good laugh!"

The commotion unfolded on Twitter under the hashtag #JesmondSnake. Details on where the snake came from are yet to be confirmed.

Approximate location of the snake on Ouseburn Road

Featured Image: John Chalmers, posted by @TomOTTC on Twitter

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