Leave the bleached eyebrows on red carpet - they're not for everyone

Maybe this extreme beauty trend isn’t for everyone…

Elžbieta Voverytė
22nd February 2023
Image: Instagram @kendalljenner
As someone who hasn’t been blessed with lush dark brown eyebrows, let me tell you – it’s a different kind of nightmare to have naturally blonde hairs for your eyebrows and lashes. Tinting, then still inevitably applying makeup every day because the colour fades fairly quickly, and having trouble shaping them since the outline is rather unclear is something that I wish I didn’t have to deal with. While this is very first-world-problem-esque, it is just another aspect of my routine I wish I didn’t need.

While my eyebrows are not bleached but just naturally extremely light, let me provide some reasons why I think this is just a phase you will most likely regret in couple years, if not right after you do it.

Image: Instagram @monaleannemakeup

Firstly, it just doesn’t go with everyday looks. While models on red carpets might look very chic and stylish, I promise you, it’s not a look everyone can pull off on a random uni day. It is a very specific look and while you will look unique and interesting, it could get boring pretty soon – as it usually does with most of trends on the internet (think about how many eyebrow trends we've gone through in the last 10 years).

Afterall, you can always tint them if you don’t think you look quite like Kendall Jenner on Met Gala’s red carpet

Secondly, while this might be merely my personal opinion, I feel like the absence of brows leaves the face and your other features ‘unframed’, drawing the main attention to the blondness of your eyebrows, especially if you’re a natural brunette. No matter what you’re wearing or what makeup you’ve mastered, the attention will be on the (lack of) eyebrows.

Image: Instagram @bellahadid

While I personally get frustrated with anyone that makes this decision (mostly since I didn’t get to make one) and would never leave the house without some colour on them, it all comes down to you and your personal taste. Afterall, you can always tint them if you don’t think you look quite like Kendall Jenner on Met Gala’s red carpet.

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