Let’s get physical!!

Phoebe Ng argues that staying fit at university is worth that extra dedication

16th November 2015

There is no doubt that it takes a lot of work to get through your degree, but does that make it a valid excuse to allow yourself getting out of shape? While it is so easy and tempting to just order that greasy takeaway for your dinner, taking the plunge and endeavouring to stay fit actually offers many more intrinsic rewards than just a healthy body.

Exercise relieves stress:

Exercising makes you happier by releasing endorphins. It is a ‘feel good’ hormone that blocks feelings of pain and makes you feel happy - which in turns relieves stress. And good news is it doesn’t matter whether you do weight training or yoga, they all work their hormonal, science-y magic. The hormone is also proven to have the benefit of improving sleep. Which is probably why people who’ve managed to get into the habit of working out often feel more energetic than people who do not. Who doesn’t want to be happy and sleep well, after all?

Working out means extra hour for study:

With only 24 hours a day, students often think they have to choose between fitness and studying, as if these two things are mutually exclusive. While it may seem like a strange and nerdy idea, it is not impossible to study while doing your run. Instead of listening to music, why not download ReCap of your lecture into your iPod; organise your materials onto note cards and bring with you; or even just thinking through and refine ideas you have been studying. You will be surprised how much you could achieve.

"it doesn't matter whether you do weight training or yoga, they all work their hormonal, science-y magic"

You save a fortune:

As soon as I decided to start staying fit, I found out that I spent way less money than before. I no longer spend money on soft drinks, beers, fast foods or crisps. The idea that eating fast food is cheaper is a very common misconception - it is actually not hard to make simple and healthy dishes that lasts you for a few days for the price of a McDonalds’ meal. Also, instead of taking metro or the bus, there are healthier options like walking and cycling which cost you only a faction. You may think that gym or personal trainer are expensive, but one could just work out at home or simply incorporate more movements into your daily routine. Think doing a casual bicep curl while slaving over a hot stove, or taking the longer route to uni, just for the extra five minutes of walking.

  Staying fit improves your career prospects:

It has nothing to do with your size or shape, but people who work out and eat well do generally feel better about their body. It not only improves your body image and the way that you view yourself, but also boosts your self-esteem, which is the most important element in personal branding. With higher confidence level, you would be able to create a better first impression, handle job interviews better and potentially get better offers. Confidence is the key.

"it has nothing to do with y our size or shape, but people who work out and eat well do generally feel better about their body"

More friends, and potentially DATES:

Exercising gives us healthier skin and other anti-aging benefits, which raise your attractiveness in general. Also being active is a good excuse to hang out with your buddies while exercising (a win win situation) and gives you an opportunity to meet new people with similar lifestyle and interest. So if you’re lusting after that hottie in the gym, that newfound confidence should soon see you chatting away.

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