Lewis Hamilton signs new Mercedes Contract

Lauren Marshall takes a look at the long awaited renewal, of formula one star Lewis Hamilton's, new contract with Mercedes.

Lauren Marshall
18th February 2021
Source: Twitter @MercedesAMGF1
After a long-awaited announcement, the seven-time world champion has signed his ninth contract with Mercedes.

Whilst Valtteri Bottas’ one year extension with Mercedes was announced last August, the troubles of 2020 meant that Lewis Hamilton had to hold off talks about his contract for some time.

Coronavirus made it difficult for the team to meet face to face, to discuss the contract, followed by Hamilton testing positive for Covid-19, thus delaying the deal further.

At last, the contract was finalised with the main promise of continuation of a campaign that Mercedes and Lewis began last year: to build greater diversity and inclusion in motor sports.

What does the one-year contract mean for Mercedes in 2022?

At the end of the 2021 F1 season, both Hamilton and Bottas’ contracts will be up along side the upcoming star George Russell, who’s contract at Williams will be up. This presents downsides for both parties.

If the Englishmen decides to leave the sport next year or continue his Formula 1 career with another team, this leaves Mercedes in a position to have to negotiate to keep him on their team.

On the hand, Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal and CEO, is aware that the younger drivers such as George Russell, are the future of the sport and may decide to promote him.

But 2022 aside, back to 2021! The F1 Grid is now complete with Hamilton confirming his contract and his next chapter with Mercedes. Will we see an eight-time world champion for the first time ever in F1 history?

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