Library vibes rock Marjorie library rooms

Performances including a poetry recital and live music

25th April 2016

Library staff came together last Thursday to brighten up a study evening with live music and spoken word performances.

Library Vibes was attended by over 30 people with a lot of students castaway work they have been working on and got themselves relaxed in Marjorie Robinson Library Library Rooms.

The event featured a diverse group of writers presenting an fascinating range of their own work.

The line-up included John Challis, Kathleen Kenny, Catherine Warner and Dr. John Gardner.

Steph, student of Physiology, and Linda, student of Biomedical Science, came to the Library Vibes today together for a break from their study. They are lovers of poetry and music respectively.

The first hour of Library Vibes featured a group of writers, authors and poets performing their own pieces and talking about the inspiration behind them.

In this special evening, the seating area on ground floor near the canteen has been temporarily transformed into a space full of inspirations.

It kicked off with Dr. John Gardner reading his poetry works. It was followed by Kathleen Kenny reader her debut novel, the Satellites of Jupiter. She is the daughter of an Irish mother and an Irish-Geordie Father.

Despite the title, the Satellites of Jupiter is not sci-fi, but a touching story of an Irish/Geordie family living on Tyneside in the late fifties and early sixties.

The first half finished with Dr John Gardner, a member of the library, presenting us with history of the North East and works of Ralph Tailors.

Attendees’ experience has been topped up by live music performance in the second half. A member of the library and Durham Scratch Choir, Catherine is performing some self-composed pieces on flute. They were inspired by Joseph Lacasse’s painting ‘Rayonnement’.

Local artist PEESH from Ashington has been performing on the guitar to finish off the event.

Performing his own project AcoustiCalendar, PEESH has included This is my England to pay tribute to the Queen’s birthday and a few other songs from the Album like Death of the 7” Single and Kids TV.

“It was a different atmosphere than what I am used to. Here is more chilled out.” PEESH, lead guitarist and backing vocals at the band LoGOz,  commented, “But it was very nice to have the opportunity to speak more in between songs.”

The first ever live performance of AcoustiCalendar material was on Koast Radio on 3rd March 2015.

The event was also streamed on Periscope.

Library Vibes is a brain child of two members of library staff, Karina and David. Speaking about whether they would make Library Vibes a regular event, Karina said, “We’re not sure yet. We will see how it goes.”

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