Lil Baby: My Turn

Ellie James reviews Lil Baby's latest album

Ellie James
28th March 2020
Lil Baby is making his way in the rap world, and My Turn embodies his way of telling us that he's about to step up his game. It's a statement that he's watched the legends of the genre and he's about to show us exactly what he's got.

If you want a mix of chilled out vibes yet beats that you'll find yourself wanting to move to, then you've well and truly been delivered. But the mix is a questionable one - it switches things up so we don't find each song slides into the next, yet it feels like a rollercoaster when you settle on a calmer beat and then find yourself thrust into a quicker one.

Choosing a favourite from twenty songs proves more difficult than expected on this album. 'Catch The Sun' caught my attention for it's more emotional lyrics. I'm a sucker for songs with meaning, and Lil Baby has managed to hit the nail on the head here. As a rapper who came up into the industry after getting in with the wrong crowds from an early age, this song refers to his rising above, personal wins and losses and his softer side for his girl. I felt myself feeling Lil Baby's sigh of relief through this song, and it's at a sweet spot in the album that lets you take a second to pause. Maybe for others it's a less likely favourite, but I think we really take seat in his mind with this one.

But the next song, 'Consistent', brings you back in the room, the beat is brought back and wakes you up. You get the sense he did this purposefully, making us see that he takes those moments to reflect, but it's back to making moves without getting too strung up on the past. The only thing I have to say here though, is the album is anything but consistent, and this contrast between Catch The Sun and Consistent demonstrates it unfortunately well.

It's fair to say Lil Baby is proving he is taking his turn, but maybe he's pushing it too far with a twenty song album that offer a cocktail of beats that have left my brain a 'lil' fuzzy by time I reached its end.

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