Line of Duty: A satisfying ending?

Emma Dawson weighs in on the final episode of BBC Crime Favourite Line of Duty's fifth season...

Emma Dawson
31st May 2019
Image- YouTube (BBC)

Millions of us tuned into the feature-length finale of tense police drama Line of Duty.

As series five of the hit show came to a close, we hoped to unmask the identity of H, the corrupt officer evading AC-12’s grasp all season. We finally thought we knew who was behind the initial, but we’ve been left with more questions than answers.

This bizarre twist may have been intended to be dramatic but felt contrived and left us muttering ‘Mother of God’

The episode opens with a tense interrogation scene that the series is infamous for, as Anna-Maxwell Martin’s formidable, yet extremely watchable, DCS Carmichael picks Superintendent Ted Hastings apart in an emotionally fraught and heated scene, as past secrets are brought to light, trying to finally prove that Ted is H. The scene packs in a lot as Ted is put on trial and we do get some answers here or so we think. It does get confusing so bear with me.

We learn about Hasting’s past as a policeman during The Troubles as Carmichael pushes Ted to breaking point, suggesting he was involved in the death of police informant Anne-Marie McGillis. Things look bleak and the thought of him being responsible is upsetting for us Ted fans. Adrian Dunbar’s acting peaks, as Ted bursts into tears after finding out Anne’s son is the slain undercover officer, John Corbett. The raw emotion is convincing and beautifully acted, and we see that Ted clearly loved Anne-Marie and was maybe more than just a friend, which Carmichael alludes to. The scene is the highlight of the episode, which showcases Dunbar and Maxwell-Martin’s excellent acting chops. The rest didn’t really pack as a much of a punch.

Meanwhile our favourite corruption fighting duo Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming are trying to exonerate their gaffer and burst into the interrogation room in the nick of time. They establish that Ted has been framed and all eyes are now on the slimy Gill Biggeloe. The case seems closed when the number of a burner phone, thought to be Ted’s, calls Gill’s phone and fans gave a collective sigh of relief. She is prepared to go in police custody but is almost killed in the toilets by corrupt officer Tina Trantor. Things become weirdly like a horror film as Gill is stabbed through the hand and Tina is shot by Steve.

The episode closes with the most infuriating scene in the whole episode. Steve and Kate review old evidence that suggests that the theory that H is the initial of a corrupt officer was misinterpreted and is in fact Morse code, with the four dots for H meaning there are actually four corrupt officers.

This bizarre twist may have been intended to be dramatic but felt contrived and left us muttering ‘Mother of God’ as we are led into the now guaranteed sixth series in a too convenient way. The episode may not have delivered the closure we wanted, having us on a wild goose chase rather than giving us our desperately sought-after answers but at least we got a good interrogation scene and some top acting from our favourite TV cops.

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