Live eSports events under EA to be temporarily suspended

Jack Wallace-Hunter reports on the cancellation of the Apex Legends Global Series, EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series and the FIFA Online 4 Live Events.

Jack Wallace-Hunter
22nd March 2020
Bago Games on Flickr
A new update in the professional gaming industry has developed since the advent of COVID-19, as EA has now suspended all live eSports events as cases of the virus continue to grow across the globe. This spans all coverage, including affiliated third parties, in an attempt to help ‘limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.’ Events that have been suspended include the Apex Legends Global Series, EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series and the FIFA Online 4 Live Events.

In a statement on the official EA website, the company describes the situation as having been ‘an unprecedented few days in an already unprecedented time.’ EA reveals that ‘since, January, we’ve (EA) had a global taskforce closely monitoring the evolving situation…to respond to the changing needs of our people in real time.’ The statement goes on to state that the company is ‘strongly recommending that all our employees in North America, Europe and Australia work from home until April 1’. This is to, in their words, ‘limit potential exposure to coronavirus’.  

It comes as no surprise to fans, as already so many industries and events have been closed and cancelled due to the ongoing global health crisis, including the unprecedented closure of E3 2020. In response to this latest development, one fan tweeted ‘the new COVID-19 disease has stopped all competitions around the world. Really sad about that!’ Fear not, as EA stands resilient, stating that they ‘now have thousands of employees that have taken equipment to their homes so we can keep our games and services running.’ Yet in times such as these, gaming companies and event managers all seem unanimous when concerning the evolving pandemic – putting the health and social security of employees and fans first. In the words of EA – ‘Be safe and be well’.

Cover image: Bago Games on Flickr

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