Live Review: Boiler Room x Warehouse Project

One of our music editors took a trip to Manchester...

Madeha Ali
27th October 2023
Image credit: Instagram @boilerroomtv
In Manchester, music enthusiasts recently experienced a night that will be etched in their memories for years to come. The Boiler Room and Warehouse Project collaboration combined an enthralling lineup of artists. This included the likes of iconic Joy Orbison, DJ EZ, and electronic music duo Overmono. The night was a kaleidoscope of pulsating music and mesmerising lights, captivating the crowd into a hypnotic trance.

The prime cause for the intensity of the night was the lineup, with my personal favourite being Overmono. The pair, consisting of brothers Tom and Ed Russell, promised an iconic set. Having seen them at Parklife earlier this year, I had nothing but high hopes and they did not disappoint. Their set list comprised a range of tones from the ambient and dreamy “Is U” to rhythmic and upbeat “Good Lies”. Another memorable set was Joy Orbison, a recognisable name of the electronic music scene, who brought his signature eclectic style to the stage. Whilst DJ EZ also had the crowd in the palm of his hands, controlling their every move with his masterful mixing.

Image credit: Instagram @boilerroomtv

Although the music was undoubtedly the star of the show, the visual elements were equally as outstanding. The lighting set up complimented the large industrial space, providing the perfect stage for the night. The combination of lighting fixtures, laser beams and LED screens filled the expansive venue with a transitional canvas of colours. Overall, with its high ceilings and cavernous walls, the venue allowed for an immersive listening experience.

The combination of lighting fixtures, laser beams and LED screens filled the expansive venue with a transitional canvas of colours

Finally, the crowd at the event was an unforgettable part of the night’s magic. The energy in the venue was infectious and as each new artist took to the stage, the crowd’s enthusiasm grew more. The atmosphere created a sense of collective euphoria that only music can create. Manchester, a city known for its vibrant and diverse music scene, continues to be a hub of musical creativity, and nights like these serve to solidify this reputation. 

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