Live Review: Callum Scott at Newcastle University Students Union

Ethan Johnson reviews former Britain's Got Talent star, Calum Scott, at Newcastle University Students Union

Ethan Johnson
23rd April 2018
Image: ChuffMedia

Becoming famous can be intimidating. However, three years after debuting his rendition of Robyn’s ‘dancing on my own’ on Britain’s Got Talent, 29-year-old Calum Scott is thriving. This heartfelt version left audiences mesmerised by his sheer talent and unique voice. To this day he still maintains sincerity and genuineness as an incredible singer that is touring the world with his album Only Human.

[pullquote]The upbeat and intense song saw the ground shaking as the crowd danced and jumped along.[/pullquote]

Despite being somewhat of an unusual venue, Newcastle University’s Student Union housed an phenomenal atmosphere as Scott kick-started his set with ‘Good To You’. The upbeat and intense song saw the ground shaking as the crowd danced and jumped along. The lively beat echoed feel-good vibes throughout the building, resulting in enthusiastic, animated and excited viewers.

After finishing off the faster tempo section of the night, Calum stood and talked to the audience about his feelings of disbelief as to how surreal his experience is of touring the country. He explained how sincere and touched he is by some fans and their experiences, culminating his talk into bringing a couple he met at a meet and greet onto the stage and to witness them become engaged. He then dedicated ‘You Are The Reason’, one of his more popular singles, to the newly betrothed couple and to “whatever makes you want to get out of bed in the morning”.

The album was explained to have a lot of significance and meaning, with many songs about his family, including ‘Won’t Let You Down’, dedicated to his sister, and ‘What I Miss The Most’ having relevance to his nephew. He dedicated his touching unreleased song ‘No Matter What’ to his mother and father and their support of Calum during struggles with his identity earlier in life. The song, accompanied by grand piano and guitar, left concert goers captivated as Scott’s voice radiated throughout a silent crowd. Upon finishing the song, Scott couldn’t hold his emotions back and walked to the back of the stage to dry his eyes as he received one of the biggest ovations of the night.

Scott finished the night on a high note by emphasising a track to be his “last song”, before leaving the stage and waiting in eager anticipation as he was met with a reception of people chanting for an encore. Appearing back on stage he ended the show with ‘Dancing On My Own’, he declared it was time for a drink and that he might see people out in town after. The night was filled with a lot of laughter, smiling and dancing and Newcastle is more than keen for the next time Calum Scott pays a visit.

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