Live Review: Ellie Goulding at O2 City Hall

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Anna Nix
9th November 2023
Ellie Goulding visited Newcastle O2 City Hall on 19 October for her Higher than Heaven Tour and delivered a great evening to her fans. Her audience was filled with many generations, from children to grandmothers, her fans were singing along to her songs and swaying to the beats that she created. Ellie Goulding produces colourful electric dance pop music and is perhaps most known for songs like ‘Lights’ or ‘Burn’, however, this is already her fifth album in which she introduces many more new original pieces.

When I first listened to her songs ahead of her concert, I wasn’t exactly sold on them. My first thoughts were that they sounded like something I have already listened to before. Some of her songs on her new album Higher than Heaven sounded a lot like her hit song ‘Lights’ and I was left slightly disappointed. Looking back at it I realized the only reason I felt that way was because a lot of dance pop music has the same attributes, and it was simply not my style.

Image credit: Instagram @elliegoulding

However, Ellie put on quite a performance and if I had to pick one thing I absolutely loved the most about Ellie’s concert, it would be her voice. From the first note she sang, my attention was captured and I no longer cared that this music isn’t what I usually listen to. She graced the audience with one song when she wasn’t accompanied by any instruments or a DJ and just let her voice be heard, and that was perhaps my favourite moment from the whole night. In my rookie music opinion, she would do well with dropping some of the background beats and let her voice be heard by more people.

From the first note she sang, my attention was captured and I no longer cared that this music isn't what I usually listen to

She was accompanied by a DJ and five backup singers as well as two men playing drums and a keyboard. However, Ellie wasn’t just a singer during her performance, she was showing off some cool dance moves and she even picked up a few instruments. She accompanied herself on guitars – both electric and acoustic, she played the drums in one of her songs and even made use of a mixing board – turning into a DJ herself for a few songs.

Her opening act was Olivia Lunny, who was a pleasant surprise for me. Someone I have admittedly not heard of before but someone whose music I am glad I was introduced to. She played some of her original songs before passing the stage over to the attraction of the night, Ellie Goulding. The whole night wasn’t just Ellie putting on a performance, but it was also about her fans receiving her energy and doubling it back.

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