Live Review: Holly Humberstone at NX

Holly Humberstone heals the heartbroken in her latest performance at the NX....

Marina Snyder
9th December 2022
Although I had listened to and enjoyed a few of Holly Humberstone’s songs before, it did not in the least way prepare me for how much I enjoyed actually seeing her perform live.

At only 22 years old, you can tell she is a rising talent from the sheer enthusiasm advocated by the crowd as she came onto the stage in her all-black leather skirt, hand gloves and eyeliner, embracing the indie pop rock look she owns so well.

For someone who only released their first song two years ago, I was amazed at the confidence she had as she performed dynamically, mixing up between guitars and an electric keyboard. What stayed the same, however, was her defined voice, which was soft and soothing yet held power within her lyrics and vocals. As I watched her enthusiastically perform between a mixture of upbeat, energetic songs and softer soothing melodies, I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her name upon billboards in a couple of years.

Credit: Facebook @NX

If it wasn’t clear enough how much the audience was enjoying her music, then the man next to me who belted songs like 'The Walls are Way Too Thin' so loud I almost struggled to hear Holly herself, confirmed my suspicions. Not that I blame him, I myself found it hard to not fall in love with every song being performed, as well as Holly herself who owned a ‘cool-girl’ persona whilst simultaneously appearing both approachable and easy-going as she explained the inspiration for some of her songs.

What I particularly enjoyed was the relatability factor, as being quite a young artist means a lot of her life experiences and the lyrics are even more enhanced and engaging to a young audience like myself. Her brilliant lyrics and emotive tone create quite the impact. For instance, as someone who did in fact 'Cry all the Summer Away' after a bad breakup, I found Holly’s lyrics and passion comforting and healing.

The lyrics are even more enhanced and engaging to a young audience like myself

Her performance of “Friendly Fire”, though quite melancholic, captured the feeling of losing someone you care about. Her song 'Thursday' hit even more deeply with the lyrics “Maybe if I dyed my hair, I’d feel more independent” hitting just too close to home for anyone going through that phase of trying to change to move on. I’d therefore recommend anyone and everyone to go to see Holly Humberstone, but especially the heartbroken, because frankly, watching this young talented artist singing her heart out, was nothing short of a healing experience.

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