Live Review: Mae Muller

Our writer Jasmin Bateman talks us through Mae Muller's Newcastle show....

Jasmin Bateman
9th May 2022
Credit: Facebook
The rising star brings her EP no one else, not even you to life in a magnificent way. 

Mae Muller proves that she excels at putting on an energetic show, dominating the attention of the room from the minute the star confidently struts onto the stage when the intro to ‘nails so long’ booms through the speakers of Newcastle University’s basement venue. 

The 24-year old singer songwriter confidently navigates the expertly crafted setlist, sporadically offering pithy anecdotes, divulging her complicated relationship history and many moments of heartbreak that formed the inspiration for many of her tracks. The heady combination of bouncy bops and audience interaction makes the Muller’s performance truly captivating. 

Teasing releases in the near future, Mae drops the unreleased track ‘bad thoughts’ mid-set, demonstrating that her relatable lyrics recounting moments of love and heartbreak will play a part in future additions to her discography. 

Another pleasant surprise of the night takes the form of a cover; fans of Mae will already know she is a huge Harry Styles fan, so it makes sense that ‘Treat People With Kindness’ is also given a place in the evening’s tracklist. 

The penultimate track of the setlist had the entire room jumping, gracing attendees with an incredibly flawless transition from ‘work like that’ to ‘When You’re Out’, which only had the crowd bouncing even harder. This provocative moment solidified the gig as one to remember.

Naturally, the song to close the evening is the track ‘Better Days’, the viral single that Mae declares “changed everything” for her since its release in September last year. If there were a few members of the audience who weren’t already singing and dancing along before, they certainly were in those final minutes.

A celebration of Muller’s success, the headline show is lively, fun and empowering. From start to finish, the contagious energy in Muller’s performance never falters. What is made blindingly clear by the end of the night is that Mae Muller belongs on the stage. Ultimately, Muller’s charisma and flair left the crowd wanting more as she sauntered out of view.

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