Live Review: Maisie Peters at Newcastle University Students’ Union

Why we should all be signed up for Maisie Peters' next tour

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8th May 2023
Last month, Maisie Peters kicked off her headline ’Road to Brixton’ tour here in Newcastle. The seven sold-out gigs would be Peters’ triumphant return to the UK circuit since she accompanied Ed Sheeran’s +-=÷× tour last year and a response to her You Signed Up For This tour in the United States. 

Her opening act would be roommate Cate Canning, of ‘Cate’s Brother’ and ‘Get Better’ fame. Cannings’ presence was a delight, going from the beautifully heart-wrenching ‘Can’t Wait to Be Pretty’ to whipping up the crowd with Hannah Montana cover 'Rock Star’. She was a brilliant live performer, with crystal clear vocals and a joking smile to handle a sudden flash of feedback from the microphone. Canning closed out her half-hour set to cheers and fans who now - if they didn’t already - definitely had her on their radar. 

Peters finally came on at 9 to the resounding introduction to ‘Body Better’, and the next hour would only keep ramping up. Her infectious energy on stage quickly spread through the room, and her request that the crowd is hers for the duration of the concert is not only dutifully, but devoutly obeyed. Setlist highlights - and what a setlist it was! - included album anthem ‘You Signed Up For This,’ ‘Not Another Rockstar’, and Canning’s return to turn Cate’s Brother into a duet. The pair of Peters and Canning sent fans into a frenzy, with new Tweets after each concert claiming that the duet was “free therapy” and a “whole ass magical incredible theatrical performance”. 

Latest release ‘Lost the Breakup’ signalled the end of the setlist, and Peters performed the punchy pop tune to a mass of paper hearts held up in the audience. The catharsis felt by both Peters and her fans was screamed out that night, a moment where everyone in the venue was connected. Peters also performed 'Blonde' as an encore song, and also an unreleased song from her next album The Good Witch, set to be released mid-June.

There is just something electric around Peters lately with her current meteoric rise in the industry, and this gig was essentially faultless. From her shirt printed with “I am the best thing that almost happened to you” to her quips between songs of flawless vocals and lines you can’t help but scream, she is a pop princess in an unassuming but powerful package. She controls her audience’s adoration well, and the gig, while free and frenetic at times, felt intimate and genuine. 

If I could only admire one thing about Peters, it is the mastery of her lyrics. Every word sung that night hit just right, whether it was the deliciously vicious “While you do press-ups and repress us and take off her clothes” or the soft acceptance of “And I didn't flinch/ And the lights didn't flicker and I/ I fell apart”. Peters’ skill and spell over her audience had everyone hypnotised, and I completely lost track of time that night. This entire gig - alongside Canning’s appearance - was exquisitely and cleverly crafted, and was utterly worth the hour-long queue in the springtime drizzle. 

There is no doubt that Maisie Peters is making the world her oyster, and this magical opening night proves she is onto something spectacular.

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