Live Review: Mimi Webb

Jasmin Bateman tells us about her night watching Mimi Webb...

Jasmin Bateman
10th March 2022
Credit: Twitter
A breakthrough artist who seems to have it all: a stellar voice, a loyal fanbase and catchy lyrics, has yet to master the art of giving a captivating performance.

First on stage that evening was support act Millie Turner, and she put on a wonderful performance, warming up the crowd with her bubbly and energetic presence. The 19-year-old sang some catchy bops including ‘Jungle’ and ‘January’, her indie electronica tunes setting the tone for a fun evening at the Newcastle University Student Union. However, it was her cover of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley that really got the crowd excited. Everyone in the room was singing along as soon Millie sang the first line, without needing any encouragement.

At exactly 21:00, when the lights dimmed and it was clear that Mimi Webb was about to enter the stage, the crowd erupted. A sea of smartphones immediately rose from the throng and lit up the room, her Gen Z fans deeming it essential to capture every moment of this night on Snapchat.

As the breakout star introduced her song ‘Lonely in Love’, from her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak, she told the crowd that this song was the hardest to write out of all her songs. Her vulnerability in her music and lyrics was clear as she shared this song with the crowd. It is evident that Mimi enjoys seeing her fans sing along so fiercely, belting along every lyric with her, as she constantly moved her mic over to the crowd.

Songs such as ‘Heavenly’ and her cover of ‘Stay’ by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber were a welcome addition to the set, as most of her songs tended to blend into one another, each one sounding even more similar than the last. She was pacing across the stage energetically throughout the entire show with a beaming smile, but it did not do any justice in terms of adding any variety or excitement to her performance.

The encore of the evening included her new single ‘House on Fire’, which has scorched into the UK charts this week, entering at an impressive number 6. This banger was a sweet end to the set, and the final song of the night ‘Good Without’ was a sure fan favourite to end the night with.

Unfortunately, Mimi Webb’s performance that evening was extremely predictable and repetitive. There’s no denying that Mimi is a talented singer: her husky voice has an impressive vocal range that demonstrates she has some strong future potential. Whilst her singing voice is well practiced, it could be argued that she needs to work on making her concerts a little more exciting and diverse, and a bit less monotonous. 

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