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Ciboni Vaz
9th December 2023
ImageCredit: Instagram@trilliansrock
'Bodies Hit The Floor' at the Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle, as the UK's Premier Nu-Metal outfit pulled off a Nu-clear tribute to the genre, playing more than dozen of classics.

Coming from the 'Geordieland', the four piece group came back to the Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on the 17th of November for a round 2 and saying that the fans of the band and the music were excited is an understatement. From their setlist to props to their stage antics, its a trip down memory lane to what rock/metal was in the 90s and the early 2000s.

From the get go, the band had the crowd going, starting off their set with Disturbed's most famous track, 'Down with the sickness'. following it with some more classics from Incubus, Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. The band also adds its own twist which according to one of the band members makes them "Nu-nique".

They band managed to maintain their energy throughout the set. Nu-castle had the crowd buzzing in the later stages of their with iconic Nu-metal numbers like Toxicity, Killing in the name etc. The highlight of the gig was when the band and the crowd were in unison when singing one of Linkin Park's globally loved track "In The End" which was like a fitting tribute to their late singer, Chester Bennington.

Ending their set 'System of a Down's' biggest hit 'Chopsuey', the crowd were absolutely buzzing and wanted a few more tracks from the band. At one point, you could hear the entire venue in one voice screaming "One more song!" The fans were raving about the performance after the gig and couldn't wait for them to comeback!

'Nu-Castle' is a 4 four piece Nu-metal tribute band from Newcastle. Their known as UK's premier Nu-Metal tribute band and for all good reasons. Now pushing in their 40s, the band loves playing songs from bands they grew up listening to.

Nu-castle's bassist, Ben Clever has told the local fans that their wait be long as the band plans to come back in February. With many more gigs yet to be announced, Ben has tells us to look out on the band's socials for further details.

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