Live Review: Sigala at NX

Sigala makes an appearance at the NX after the release of his latest album....

Kirsten Scott
23rd March 2023
An eclectic mix of dance music and classic rave tunes isn’t your average Tuesday night, but Sigala certainly made it a night to remember.

Bruce Fielder, AKA Sigala, is arguably one of the biggest DJs to emerge in the UK over the last few decades. Providing a mix of house, dance-pop and electronic, the DJ has seen impeccable success in recent years. His debut album, Brighter Days was released in 2018 but since then Sigala has collaborated with a vast range of pop artists, including Ella Eyre, Becky Hill, James Arthur, and Ellie Goulding. Every Cloud- Silver Linings, his second album, was released on March 2nd 2023, and promises to achieve the same status as his previous creations.

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The night started with Emily Nash, a talented DJ who will surely go far in the industry. Aged just 21, Nash performed some of her new singles, including ‘Garden’ which recently won “Radio 1 Hottest Record In The World”. She mesmerised the crowd with a remix of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’ which stunned us all into silence before belting the chorus. By the time she left the stage, the anticipation for the main act was palpable.

To a blaze of applause, the DJ appeared behind his set and burst straight into ‘Sweet Lovin’'. It was impossible not to dance and unlike some DJs, Sigala wasn’t afraid to leave the comfort of his decks and came to the front of the stage to interact with the audience. He was joined by singers PAIJE and River who only added to the night’s excitement and provided an excellent cover of ‘Wish You Well’ during the encore.

Unlike some DJs, Sigala wasn't afraid to leave the comfort of his decks

The show made me feel like I was 15 again, transported to an era where I’d watch his music videos religiously. As the set continued, I was surprised to recognise many more songs than I’d expected to - a reminder that Sigala’s success sees his music infiltrate radio stations everywhere. The DJ supplemented his own tracks with other classic dance mixes, including Fisher’s ‘Losing It’, which left me and the rest of the crowd in a frenzy.

Smoke machines blasted either side of the stage whilst green lasers scanned the venue. It felt like we were at an amalgamation of a festival and a rave, confetti cannons were released and the atmosphere reminded me of DJ Example’s performance at NX last year. Probably one of the most entertaining parts of the night was watching the dance circles emerging throughout the crowd. People backflipped and shuffled, creating a roar from other audience members- not least because one of the dancers was an infamous Geordie Shore star. But this is testament to the euphoric atmosphere that Sigala created.

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