Live review: the Vistas at the Newcastle SU

One of our writers talks about a recent concert in the SU...

Adriana Newbury
9th December 2023
ImageCredit: Wikipedia@Vistas(Band)
Following the release of their third studio album, “Is This All We Are?” back on the 29th September, the Vistas have been touring the UK, and decided to end the UK leg right here in the Toon. I was lucky enough to go along and the night did not disappoint.

The Newcastle University Student Union is quite frankly an unreal place to catch one of your favourite artists. The reason I say this is that it was incredibly intimate, due to its small stage and standing area, but the crowd was as lively as that at Glastonbury. Mostly made up of fellow students, everyone is there for a good dance (and any older audience members were there because they had a love for the band… I saw some fabulous moves from someone who could’ve been my Granddad). Wherever you stood you were close to the stage and had a clear view of the band, the performance was personal. What’s more, the prices have recently changed to ‘Spoons prices in line with the Luther’s renovation above, and so you’re not paying more than £4 for a pint!

Touring alongside the Vistas was up-and-coming band Overpass from Birmingham. Their music was the perfect choice to get the audience hyped for the main event, but honestly, they could’ve been the main event themselves. An amazing stage presence from the lead, but maybe the bass guitarist could’ve attempted to look less disinterested than she did… yet their great original songs are reminiscent of the Academic with some heavy guitar work, a proper indie job. Their best songs being 3AM and Beautiful, they will definitely be getting added to my playlist.

Onto the main event, and the Vistas came on with Cruel Hearts, but the crowd really got going on the second song, Tiger Blood. Already mosh pitt-ing at the front, the crowds had seriously high energy. My personal favourites were Everything Changes In The End and Calm throughout the show, with all three band members giving it their all; they came across as if they were just a bunch of mates having fun and that then radiated into the crowd, where strangers were all dancing together. Maybe because I’m such a waffler, but I would’ve enjoyed a bit more talking from the band, since I love to leave a gig feeling like I know the artist better, but nonetheless the Vistas had a fabulous stage presence. Finishing off with Retrospect, in my opinion their best song, every single member of the crowd was jumping up and down. A feel-good tune with a slight pang of bittersweetness, I believe everyone left the room feeling lucky to have seen such an upbeat show with such musically talented people in such an intimate venue.

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