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Ellie James looks into the best lounge-wear sets to cosy up into for the winter months ahead.

Ellie James
4th November 2019
Image source: @georgiamay_xoxo (Instagram)

We all love to get in from a long day at uni or work and get into our comfiest clothes, make a brew and climb into bed. But where to shop the best and comfiest loungewear? Or how about those days when you want to stay comfy whilst you do your work but still look boss doing it? Well here are some perfect places to rock that effortless yet slaying look.

Topshop – The Considered collection

Image source: @topshop (Instagram)

Topshop offers some of the softest fluffy joggers in their loungewear range and you’ll certainly find a pair that will last you throughout the long days at uni. But what makes Topshop unique here is their new ‘Considered collection.’ The collection aims to be made through eco-friendly production, use lower impact materials and certified suppliers. Take a look at their first piece to hit the stores - the pink organic cotton joggers using cotton grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. If you want to splash out further, then go and treat yourself to the matching cotton hoodie. It might be hard to choose which one to buy. But I say if in doubt buy it all, life’s too short not to buy a set that is eco-friendly AND cosy. You’re onto a winner here.

Primark – Save the cash, stay looking cool

If you want to save the cash a little, Primark gives some cheaper options to keep your pocket smiling. Their knit look leggings give a tighter fit and all the warmth with a super soft material. This is another look that you can flaunt to your flatmates or to lectures whilst still looking stylish. Plus they’re only £13. Bargain. Primark might be your best friend for the onesie’s too, and if you’re a Disney fan then you’re in for a treat. With onesie’s including Sully from Monsters Inc and even a matching set of Rick and Morty for you to wear when you’re lazing with your bestie. Maybe don’t go to your lecture as a Disney monster though, we don’t want to be scaring the lecturers!

Image source: @prettylittlething (Instagram)

Pretty Little Thing – The Baggier the Better

Our nation’s love of PLT can’t possibly be disappointed in the endless options on this fire online store. There’s just too many to name. Think bicycle shorts with oversized T-shirts, baggy joggers, and even more over-sized hoodies in every colour you can think of – it’s like PLT’s main aim is to make us comfy and look good without even thinking about it. Best part? The trend is the baggier the better. Plenty of space to hide snacks in for lengthy lectures. It’s hard not to envy that person that looks like they’ve rolled out of bed looking crazy good even though they’ve thrown on their joggers and an old t-shirt. Well now you can be that person. And you’ll be warm and snug whilst you’re working it too.

Missguided – Co-Ords

Co-ords are a thing and they are everywhere. The likes of Kim Kardashian seem to love a good co-ord and you totally should too. Missguided knows where it’s at when it comes to the loungewear version with 200 styles for you to scroll through when you are supposed to be writing your essay (whoops). For Missguided the go to looks are neutral shades including beige, grey or stone in crop styles or full hoodies with leggings or joggers to match. Who needs a boyfriend to borrow a baggy hoodie when you can have your very own? Go and take a look for one to snuggle into ready for the oncoming winter months – just try not to fill your shopping cart with all 200 styles…


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