Liverpool through to Champions League final

Liverpool took on Villarreal in their second leg of the Champions League semi-finals

Joseph Caddick
16th May 2022
Image: @LFC Twitter
Liverpool faced Villarreal in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, this time at El Madrigal. With a 2-0 lead from the first leg, it was theirs to lose. With a valiant effort from the opposing side, Liverpool won 5-2 on aggregate.

The first half of the game proved to be nail-biting for Liverpool fans. Villarreal swiftly scored two goals in 41 minutes, wiping Liverpool's lead. The first of these goals was scored by Boulaye Dia followed by ex-Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin, who scored with a header for their second goal.

With an excellent showing from Villarreal in the first half, it was up to Liverpool to restore their lead in the second half of the match. In the 62nd minute Fabinho scored, his first goal for the Champions League.

Twitter: @LCF

From this first goal, Liverpool hit their stride. They capitalised on this newfound momentum, with Luis Diaz scoring a header. This evened the score for this match, thereby ensuring Liverpool restored its two-point average.

Liverpool didn't stop there! Sadio Mane scored the team's third and final goal of the match. As far as goals go, it was on the easier side, as Villarreal's goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli left the goal as good as open, and Mane capitalised on this by ensuring the ball was set to hit its target.

At the end of the match, Liverpool fans were understandably ecstatic. Airborne fans were reportedly described as dancing in the aisles of aeroplanes on a flight returning from Spain from the team's previous win against Villarreal.

Having defeated Villarreal, Liverpool advances to the finals of the Champions League, which are being held in Paris. To this date, no English side has won the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup in the same season. If Liverpool are able to pull this off, they'll be making history.

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