Liverpool vs Manchester City draw- what does this mean for the title race?

The title race is blown wide open as front-runners Liverpool and Manchester City share the spoils.

Samantha Seidu
20th March 2024
Source image: Flickr @Terry Kearney
After a tense game between Liverpool and Manchester City, the final score of 1-1 puts Arsenal at the top of the title race.

Both teams were strong throughout the game, with Stones scoring after a corner in the first half and McAlister scoring a penalty in the second half. Despite a good performance from both teams, this was not the ideal scenario as it now Arsenal in first place.

The title race is currently very close, with Arsenal and Liverpool with 64 points (Arsenal winning by goal difference) and Manchester City with 63 points; this puts a lot of pressure on all three teams to win their remaining games if they want to win the league.

So what can we expect from the next few games?

Currently, the Premier League is on hold due to an international break until the end of the month, but Arsenal are due to play Manchester City on 31st March and Liverpool will play Brighton on the same day. All games for the title contenders will be quite tough as wins are the only way to guarantee a place in the top spot. Manchester City being known to be a tough opposition but with Arsenal’s current seven-game winning run, this will be an exciting  game to watch.

We also have to consider Liverpool’s place in the Europa League and Manchester City and Arsenal’s place in the Champions League; the proximity of different games for separate leagues could also have an impact on team productivity and morale, which could also determine the outcomes of their remaining matches in the Premier League.

With how close this title race is, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that the competition for first place could go to the final day. Whilst all three teams have been in good form recently, it looks like there will be no room for any errors from this point on.

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