Living La Vida Local: Week 15

Music editor Jamie Shepherd caught up with Cheap Lunch ahead of their Grace House fundraiser on 16th July at the Cluny

Jamie Shepherd
4th May 2016

So how did you come together as a band?

Andrew Jones- Well these used to be in a band called Meatniks and they kicked out their old guy.

Jamie Oliver- We disbanded as Meatniks but me and Alex still jammed together for ages. We wrote some songs that sounded pretty good but then we needed some bass. Andrew is a-

Alex Nicholson- Guitarist.

JO- Yeah, he’s a guitarist but we got him in to play bass. He’s different though. He plays baritone guitar, which is a bit of a compromise. We’re a band full of compromises some would say.

I can’t be doing with Eat4Less. It’s canny shite like

How would you describe your sound?

JO- We’ve spent ages trying to figure that out. Surf/Doom/Punk is one way you could go.

AJ- In that order.

AN- Loads of breakbeat... there is no breakbeat.

You’re band’s name is Cheap Lunch, where’s your favourite spot in Newcastle for a cheap lunch?

AN- Peggy Sues on Chilli Road.

AJ- Rank.

AN- Last time I was there I got mistaken for a playwright.

AJ- I can’t be doing with Eat4Less. It’s canny shite like.

JO- That Time Banh Mi place. They’re doing it even cheaper now so I’ll definitely be there more.

Where do you guys fit into the Newcastle music scene?

AJ- There’s a lot of noisey bands and there’s a lot of shoegaze bands. We’re none of them. We bring a lot of noise.

AN- Don’t use that quote.

We bring the noise

It’s gonna be a pull quote.

AJ- We’ve been playing with a lot of people. We’ve played with indie pop people and heavier people. We’re quite versatile. We have ballady songs but we also have proper Sabbathy doom things.

JO- Our songs go from slow and heavy to heavy and fast or slow fast and heavy or they’ll do all of these at once.

AJ- We like messing with people. We like putting breakdowns in the middle of things or just when you think there’s going to be a breakdown just stopping.

JO- We just get bored when we’re writing so we just go “That sounds cool, let’s just go with it. We share a room with Tough Tits and we fit in really well with them.

AJ- They’re a great bunch of guys...

JO- They’re all girls.

We like the small venues. They works for us just because we have no fans”

What venues have you played?

AJ- We’ve played at The Cluny which has mint sound and it was great having that wall of sound. We put on a gig around Christmas at The Little Buildings which is tiny and that was a really good atmosphere. It was proper brutal.

AN- We like the small venues that works for us just because we have no fans.

JO- The sound does travel better in a small room though.

AJ- We practice in a tiny room so it makes sense .

Cheap Lunch play The Cluny on July 16th in support of Grace House Children's hospital. Tickets £5 on the door.

More information can be found below.

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