Leonie's Lockdown Picks

Leonie Bellini lays down her lockdown picks

Leonie Bellini
31st May 2020
Instagram: @soccermommyband

One very slight perk of quarantine is that it’s given me time to properly listen to all the incredible records that have come out this past year. Taken from some of these, here are my five songs for five major lockdown moods, from crying to dancing and back again.

For vibing on your daily walk: you should call mum – Little Simz

When Little Simz said “bored out of my mind/how many naps can I take”… I felt that. My personal fave off the London musician’s recent EP, at just over two minutes long this is a perfect example of her poetic, funny and overall just genius flow, with stripped-back beats highlighting her clever rhymes and relatable lyrics. One to blast as you walk down empty streets feeling powerful.

For feeling summery: Girl – Girl Ray

Try listening to this and not smiling even a little bit. The soundtrack to nostalgic imagined montages of you and your crush/friends cruising down a sunny road to drink beers in the park until you get so desperate for the loo that you have to pee in a bush. But it’s ok, because it’s SUMMER! The title track off Girl Ray’s very danceable second album, ‘Girl’ is truly made for sunshine.

For lying on your bed pretending to be in a music video: Fingías – Paloma Mami

Hypnotising and hard not to listen to on repeat, young New York-Chilean singer Paloma Mami creates the perfect song for a lying down lip-sync complete with anguished facial expression and dramatic hand gestures. With her silky soft voice over a chill but persistent reggaeton beat, ‘Fingías’ (meaning ‘you pretended’) will work in its way into the glamorous yearning part of your brain regardless of your knowledge of Spanish.

For being sad and contemplating: yellow is the color of her eyes – Soccer Mommy

Seven dreamy minutes for you to stare at the ceiling and have a good ol’ longing sob. “Loving you isn’t enough/ you’ll still be deep in the ground when it’s done”. Ouch. This is on late-night repeat for me along with Phoebe Bridgers’ whole discography and ‘Class of 2013’ by Mitski, all perfect for crying in your room in the dark, ignoring your impending 9am Zoom, and truly wallowing in your feelings.

For being sad but knowing it will pass: Navy Blue – MUNA

Oh, to be wistfully staring out a Megabus window at midnight on the way back from bawling your eyes out seeing one of your favourite bands live! L.A. band MUNA give us here the perfect soothing song for surviving lockdown, gently melancholic with their signature gorgeous melodies and heart-breaking lyrics, not to mention absolutely banging artful pop production. Everyone, please, “get enough sleep/and drink enough water”.

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