Lockdown lessons hosted by famous faces

Meg Howe brings the seventh day of good news stories, describing how Sir David Attenborough has took to teaching children virtual geography lessons.

Meg Howe
21st April 2020
Image: Flickr

While education establishments are closed, famous faces have taken to their platforms to help educate the children of the nation.

With Joe Wicks continuing his Physical Education sessions on YouTube, other celebrities are following his lead. This week, the BBC have announced that they will be releasing lessons via two of their platforms: BBC BiteSize and BBC Red Button, with the help of celebrities alongside teaching professionals.

Amongst these faces are EastEnders Star, Danny Dyer who – as a direct descendant of King Edward III – will be giving a History lesson aimed at Primary School children, and Manchester City Player Sergio Aguero, who will be giving Spanish lessons.

However, the most popular teacher seems to be Sir David Attenborough.

On Monday, he brought the nation geography lessons, with a particular focus on oceans, animals and mapping the world.

The natural historian and broadcaster is well-known for writing and presenting documentary series and films, which educate the nation on the natural world we live in. Attenborough most recently brought his passions to the screen in his 2020 film documentary: A Life on Our Planet.

While the majority of his works are for an audience of any age, his contribution to the BBC’s online schooling will be age-appropriate for those of a school age.  

Every week day, the BBC Daily Lessons launches new classes for a variety of different age ranges. The geography lessons include a short video tutorial, with coloured images to explain the topic (along with a transcript of the video itself), and then a couple of activities based upon the lesson. Some of Attenborough’s most recent geography lessons include ‘Weather and the Climate’ for Year 7 and ‘An Introduction to Maps’ for Year 3.

Sir David Attenborough has stated that he has chosen to prepare these classes because:

“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.”

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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