Lorde’s Melodrama: the best breakup album of all time

Post Valentine's Day, Charlotte Airey discusses the album she turns to in order to get through the break-up blues.

Charlotte Airey
22nd February 2021
Image credit: stylist.co.uk
Now Valentines is over, it’s time to focus on music that will help us cope with the inevitable.

Break-ups. They are shit for everyone, and whenever I have one, I turn to music. I have a pretty extensive playlist to cry to, and many a breakup album which made choosing this pretty tough. But the best has to be Lorde’s Melodrama

This album was the reason my friend and I survived both of our 2017 breakups and it has everything you need from a potential breakup album. (trust us on this).

What I love about this album is not only is it something to have a hefty cry to, but there are so many songs about reflecting and moving on, with moments to dance to (and to scream in your car to).

Why this is brilliant, is that even down to the order of tracks, it demonstrates how we all feel when going through a breakup: Euphoria, to sadness, to mourning, to euphoria on a cyclical rotation.

‘Liability’ is the obvious tearjerker. Even if you don’t think the breakup was your fault or literally take no blame for it, there really is something about lying in bed crying to it. The truth is I am a toy, that people enjoy, 'til all of the tricks don't work anymore, and then they are bored of me. Sad reacts only.

Writer In The Dark has a similar vibe, starting with him announcing he is leaving her for someone else and ends with her healed from the trauma of the relationship. It is a heart-breaking musing on how she would have done anything for him and she has now been abandoned.  

Sober’ signifies the inevitable post-breakup party, recognising that something is wrong with herself, but she is carrying on. Every post-break-up night out you’ve gone on – it is still in the forefront of your mind; these are the games of the weekend, we’ll pretend we just don’t care, but we care.”

“what will we do when we’re sober?”


Hard Feelings/Loveless (the best song on the album in my opinion) talks about her fond memories of them, and how she is coping with them not being there. “it’s time to let go of this endless summer afternoon” – stop romanticising your memories with your ex! They have gone!

“I care for myself the way I used to care about you” – we love the character development.

The fond memories are a common thread, with The Louvre delving into her desire for their love to be displayed for all, and ‘Supercut discussing her favourite memories of the both of them, creating this picture, the supercut, to be shown for all to see.

Perfect Places concludes the album, and although it’s my least favourite song, it really ties the narrative together, with the final line asking: “What the fuck are perfect places anyway?

She is getting over it and moving on, and after listening to this album post breakup, so will you.

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AUTHOR: Charlotte Airey
Politics Student @ NCL Uni

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