Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Miranda Stoner reminds us how important self-love is this upcoming Valentine’s day and her top five ways to go about it.

12th February 2018
Image Credit: @oflaceandleather (Instagram)

On Valentine’s day we are told to show the people in our life how much we love them, but what about showing ourselves a bit of love from time to time? Whether you’ve got a date with your MCM or just a date with Netflix, make sure you put aside a bit of time to show yourself some love this Valentine’s.

Pencil in a date at the salon: Beauty treatments and hair appointments are the most indulgent treats and it seems to me that no matter how much you spend on your shampoo and conditioner, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of a fresh trim. With just a few magic potions and a wave of their curling wands, hairdressers can give even the most beautiful hair a lift. If you don’t have time for a full on treatment though, then pop into the Body Shop or Lush and make an appointment with a beauty consultant. This is a really personalised service, which tailors product recommendation to your needs, they are free and the products you take home will last longer than a one night stand.

Brush up your make-up collection: The brushes you use play an enormous role in how your look turns out. For an absolutely show-stopping make-over, the products and the tools you use need to complement each other like Romeo and Juliet. The trick to flawless and low effort eye-shadow and contouring is to choose blending brushes. Only use fine precision brushes for eye-liner, otherwise you’re in danger of looking blotchy or striped. In Boots you can buy a new 17 or NYX brush for less than the meal deal, and you won’t regret buying them when you see the results.

Visit a Yoga Class: Beauty products are there to enhance your outer features, but bring some inner balance to your body with an hour or two of deep breathing. Yoga has so many benefits for your body, from stimulating your metabolism and encouraging smoother digestion to de-stressing the system and clearing problems such as spots or tired eyes. Try different styles to find your perfect match, if you prefer your exercise to be slow and gentle, then try yin yoga, but if you want to get your heart rate up then hot yoga is the one for you.

Read a book: Beauty is more than skin deep, so make sure to give your brain a work out and indulge in a good book this Valentine’s Day. Whilst it’s lovely to read around the subject and immerse yourself in your degree or flick through articles on twitter, sometimes it’s a nice escape to be swept away into a story book. Studies suggest that reading improves our memory as well as our emotional intelligence, which means we are more capable of interacting with others and it’s also a great topic for conversation with your dinner date. Moreover, there are studies suggesting that as little as half an hour of reading a week can boost our confidence and self-esteem and help us to make better life decisions. There are so many books to choose from too, from a trashy rom-com to a more high-brow classic. Ask your friends and family for their recommendations.

Cookery show: Not strictly a part of your beauty routine, but what you eat plays a huge role in your mental and physical health. Cooking for yourself is a fabulous way to be certain that what you’re eating doesn’t contain nasty preservatives or added salt and sugar, this will ensure your body feels and looks fresher and healthier and it will thank you for the healthy break. It’s also always nice to take time out of your day to cook for yourself and do something practical and watching a cookery show or reading a cookery book is the best way to find new recipes and try new flavours. What’s more you can also test what you’ve learned by inviting friends around for dinner.

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